For a groovy holiday visit, New York hotel offers CBD-enhanced food menu

For vaping and cannabis enthusiasts planning a visit to the New York this holiday season, The James Hotel is now offering a menu of cannabinoid or CBD-infused food items and beauty products. The selections are somewhat limited, but there are some very tasty treats that include dinner entrees, desserts, and even a delicious tater tot dish.

As state after state continues to pass legislation legalizing marijuana for either medical or recreational use, Corporate America is acting quickly to cash-in on this exciting and previously untapped market. And as scientists continue to release updated research on the many, seemingly miraculous, health benefits of cannabis, the American consumer is now being bombarded with a multitude of new products employing some very clever advertising campaigns.

Spicy, CBD-infused meatballs as a cancer treatment

Research published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) suggests that cannabinoid helps reduce the frequency and severity of cancer symptoms while also preventing the possible side effects of related treatments like chemotherapy.  The NCI does not endorse the use of any or all cannabis products, but it does endorse many CBDs.  

If vaping CBD is not your thing, consider edibles instead.  For example, The James Hotel offers a CBD-enhanced spicy meatball dish topped with parmesan cheese and pine nuts.

Wildflower lavender soap for improved skin complexion

There are several studies indicating that cannabis products can act as anti-inflammatories.  One such study involving human subjects and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation claims that CBD lotions and soaps can offer vast improvements for the complexion and even fight acne outbreaks. 

Perhaps the James Hotel staffers are already aware of this fun fact.  On its CBD-infused menu, guests can enjoy a Wildflower Lavender Soap, an Ambika Ubtan Beauty Scrub, or even the CBD For Life Eye Cream. 

Got a sweet tooth?  How about a CBD-infused ice cream sundae?

One of the great things about CBD products is that they are loaded with health benefits without allowing the user to feel high afterwards.  Several pre-clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health suggest that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoid help relieve discomfort caused my arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, spinal cord injuries, and even multiple sclerosis or MS.  For a completely pain-free and deliciously enticing way to get your CBD infusion, try the James Hotel’s deliciously decadent Ice Cream Sundae with CBD-infused caramel sauce.

CBD-enhance tater tots for jet lag or fear-of-flying

Cannabis is also shown to reduce and prevent anxiety.  Millions of patients suffering from PTSD swear by it.  For travelers suffering from jet lag, travel anxiety, or the fear of flying, the James Hotel’s world-renowned Chef Andrea Drummer has a rather scrumptious solution. 

Everyone loves tater tots.  It’s the perfect comfort food.  But Chef Drummers CBD-infused “House Tots” with siracha mayo and chipotle ketchup may be just what the doctor ordered.

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(Image courtesy of The James Hotel)

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