WARNING: Your Government Loves You and Cares So Much. Vaccines Are Also Super Cool And Definitely Safe.

EMERGENCY! Take action NOW! Congress debate over Cole-Bishop Amendment Is TODAY!

We know that the vaping community has been bombarded with numerous requests over the past year to write your local congresspersons and state senators urging them to pass the Cole-Bishop Amendment!  The need has never been more URGENT than TODAY!

Insiders on Capitol Hill are telling us that Congress is currently debating whether to include the Cole-Bishop Amendment into the 2017 Fiscal Budget for the new Trump Administration, and THE U.S. VAPING INDUSTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP…NOW!!

Even if you have already written your political officials in the past, we encourage you to WRITE THEM AGAIN!  Don’t delay!  WRITE THEM NOW!  It’s as easy as typing your zip code into the below link!  WRITE THEM AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN!   IT’S A FORM LETTER!!  NO WRITING REQUIRED!!

Click this link to take action today!!


The deadline to pass the first-ever fiscal budget of Donald Trump is here!  And Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump are debating the budget as we speak!  We must demand that they INCLUDE THE COLE-BISHOP AMENDMENT NOW!

What is the Cole-Bishop Amendment?

The Cole-Bishop Amendment is a valuable first-step in the repeal of the FDA deeming regulations.  The Cole-Bishop Amendment aims to move forward the predicate date from February 15th, 2007 to the effective date of the deeming regulations (August 8th, 2016) - almost ten years.

Currently, the FDA deeming regulations require all products released to market AFTER FEDRUARY 15th, 2007 to adhere to a million-dollar Pre-Market Tobacco Applications process FOR EACH PRODUCT!  If the Cole-Bishop Amendment is not passed, then nearly 100% of all U.S. vaping products including e-liquids, vape mods, and vape pens will face extinction or bankruptcy!   

Please help us save vaping!  It’s as easy as typing in your zip code into the above link!

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