Elizabeth Warren issues vape initiatives press release, and it doesn’t totally suck

For all the left-leaning vapers out there, Senator Elizabeth Warren issued a press release last week that defines her goals and objectives for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should she become president.  Unlike many of her congressional colleagues in the Democrat Party, Warren’s plan of action is conspicuously missing one key element.  Nowhere in her document does she call for a federal ban on e-cigarettes or flavored vapes.

Senators Richard “DICK” Blumenthal (D-CT), Richard “DICK” Durbin, and Senate Majority Leader Charles “Chuck (DICK)” Schumer are always on the air and in the press making false accusations about the unfounded dangers of vaping.  They tend to mask their arguments with a veil of sheepish concern over the protection of America’s children from nicotine addiction.

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These same elected officials rarely even mention combustible tobacco products, especially in regard to the comparative public health risks of smoking versus vaping.  There is perhaps a very diabolical reason for this intentional disconnect.  The simple truth is that a significant percentage of the Democrat Party is deep in the pocket of Big Tobacco, vaping’s fiercest enemy.

Do all democrats hate vaping?

Warren might be a political horse of a different color.  Warren says she doesn’t accept campaign contributions from lobbyists, big corporations, or PAC groups. The very core of her campaign is her belief that the federal government is being run by the rich, and she wants to end political corruption in Washington, DC by implementing legislation that will take dark money out of politics forever.

While this article is not an official endorsement, Elizabeth Warren may be someone worth watching for vapers who cannot see themselves pulling the lever for President Trump in the voting booth next fall.  In a November 26 press release, Warren lists nine goals and objectives for the FDA’s vaping policies, none of which sound too terribly unreasonable. 

  • Warren wants the FDA to answer questions about Trump’s apparent reversal on implementing a federal flavor ban, but she does not denounce Trump’s decision to do it. Instead, she is asking “what steps the FDA will take to combat youth e-cigarette use and the spate of vaping-related illnesses plaguing the nation.”
  • Warren urges the FDA to act more decisively and expeditiously to address the issues surrounding teen vaping prevention. That’s a fair argument that vaping advocacy groups have been supporting for years.
  • Warren wants the FDA to release more detailed information on the rumor that vaping causes seizures, and she wants scientific evidence in the form of written reports explaining the FDA stance, whichever way the evidentiary pendulum swings.
  • Warren congratulates former Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless on the Tenth Anniversary of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Although, she does strongly imply that she supports the FDA’s stance that e-cigarettes should be classified as “tobacco products.”
  • Warren wants the FDA to “crack down” on websites like Craigslist and eBay that illegally sell vapor products without age verification requirements.
  • Warren demands answers from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) and, most importantly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the mishandling of the messaging surrounding the “vaping related” lung disorder and the resulting media frenzy.
  • Warren calls for bipartisan legislation that provides $100 million to “boost public health data infrastructure as the nation’s public health system struggles to adequately monitor and address the ongoing outbreak of vaping-related illnesses.”
  • Warren urges the DHS to take a more active role in teen vaping prevention.
  • And lastly, Warren wants answers – specially about last year’s 35 percent investiture into JUUL Labs by Big Tobacco’s The Altria Group. She pointedly blames this partnership for “fueling the youth vaping epidemic.”

The Elizabeth Warren press release never mentions a “vaping ban,” nor does it recommend for a total ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids.  Nowhere in her document are the words cotton candy, fruity flavors, mint, or menthol, but all references to cannabis, marijuana, THC, or vitamin-E acetate are also noticeably absent.  Clearly, she is not the perfect candidate, but she at least appears – on the surface - to be asking the right questions. 

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