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E-cigs ‘safer than smoking,’ says Dr. Sanjay Agrawal of UK’s Leicester NHS Trust

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal is a world-class physician specializing in cancer-related respiratory ailments who also just happens to be an instructor at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in the UK.   He is considered such a remarkable expert in his fields of expertise that he was a recently invited speaker to the 2016 World Conference of Lung Cancer (WCLC) of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) in Vienna, Austria.

Medicine should embrace e-cigs and vaping, says Agrawa

During his speech last December, Agrawal made it very clear that e-cigs are not only safer than smoking combustible cigarettes, but they are also infinitely more effective than other traditional smoking cessation tools.

"For many patients, the best way to get them to stop (smoking) is to refer them to a stop smoking service. They can use tablets, patches, as well as behavioral support to stop smoking. There will be some patients though who have already had those medicines and who don’t feel confident to quit smoking that way – they’ve tried it and it didn’t work out for them. So many will want to use vaping or e-cigarettes to help quit."

During the conference, Agrawa was already boasting that the use of vaping devices and electronic cigarettes are a major contributing factor to the consistently decreasing smoking rates in the UK.  This news is only now being made public in the British press.  According to a new report released on March 7, 2017 by the UK Office of National Statistics, smoking rates in England are at their lowest levels since 1974.  Agrawal issued the following statement to further substantiate this claim.

"We know that most people who start e-cigarettes do it because they want to quit smoking. That’s their motivation. So, we know (certainly in England) the rate of smoking has reduced over the last few years since the use of e-cigarettes has gone up massively. So we think that using e-cigarettes can be an aid to stop smoking. Although we know that it [vaping] is not entirely harm-free, it’s much safer than smoking tobacco."


Dr. Agrawa’s feels so strongly about the many positive health benefits of vaping that he has recently released a video of his views regarding smoking vs. e-cigarettes for the entire medical community to review and discuss.   In the video, Agrawa debates the difficulties that the medical community often has regarding the many different forms of e-cigs studies being published all over the web, many of which often have vastly contradictory conclusions.

"At the moment there are lots and lots of studies coming through. The Cochrane Review looked at e-cigarettes three or four years ago, and it showed (electronic cigarettes) help people in quitting, and it showed the rate of people quitting was greater for those using e-cigarettes rather than not. The short-term side effects were equivalent in placebo to nicotine e-cigarettes. They appear to be safe in the short term. I’m afraid we don’t have any long-term data because they are still a relatively new product."


Agrawa also goes on to imply that waiting for the “long-term research” to be compiled may be an act of futility.  Since vaping technology is constantly advancing at such a rapid pace, it would be nearly impossible for the “research to keep up” with what is certain to be continuous, on-going progress in the vaping industry for many years to come.

The UK doctor also mentions that approximately 85 percent of patients stricken with lung cancer have likely acquired the disease through the smoking of cigarettes.  And more than a third of people recently diagnosed are current smokers.

To save lives, physicians need to embrace vaping technology.  Waiting for “long-term research” is not only completely pointless, but it is no longer an option.  People need an effective way to quit smoking now, and e-cigs are deemed to be extremely user-friendly by the majority of smokers trying to quit.


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