Dry herb vaping: Damiana as an aphrodisiac

Did you know that the Aztecs and the Mayans used to drink teas and smoke pipes filled with the dried leaves and flowers of damiana plants to increase male virility?  Several Native American tribes are also documented as having enjoyed the relaxing, aphrodisiac effects of this magical herb whose flavor and aroma closely resembles that of marijuana.   Ancient peoples of Mexico liked the damiana plant so much that they gave it a very special nickname, herba de la pastora or herb of the shepherdess.

Today, many herbalists still use damiana in teas and as an ingredient in baked goods much like cannabis, but vaping is now the latest new trend.  At a scientific level, the damiana plant contains a number of active compounds that produce positive impacts to the nervous and endocrine systems of the human body.  Vaping damiana can improve energy levels, relax the body, mind, and spirit, and of course, increase the libido.

Damiana as an aphrodisiac:  It’s not just for men anymore

Because of its relaxing, soothing effects, vaping damiana is long thought to help alleviate male problems of achieving and maintaining erections.  There is also scientific evidence suggesting that the consumption or vaping of this dry herb accomplishes this miraculous fete by slowing down the digestive system while simultaneously pumping much-needed oxygen into the male genital area.  Perhaps this is why one of the possible negative side effects of ingesting too much damiana is also known to be constipation.

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However, female vapers can also rejoice because new research shows damiana might also work well as an aphrodisiac in women, too.  In a book entitled “Love Potions, a Guide to Aphrodisiacs and Sexual Pleasures,” author and holistic medical practitioner Cynthia Watson suggests that vaping damiana can increase a woman’s libido by stimulating the production of certain androgens in the female body.  She bluntly suggests that it is this lack of androgens that sometimes causes women to exhibit “frigid” tendencies.    

Vaping damiana for depression

Many dry herbalists already know that St. John’s wort is probably the most common natural remedy for chronic depression.  Another lesser-known alternative is damiana.  Many holistic practitioners prescribe damiana for mild depression because of its abundance of thymol, an active organic compound associated with a stimulation of serotonin and other mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain.   

Vapers should be careful not to go overboard on vaped damiana though.  The recommended dosage for vaping damiana powder is only 1-3 grams per day.  Another suggested dosage is 2-4ml per day of vaped damiana liquid extract split up into two or three smaller dosages spaced several hours apart.  When ingesting through edibles, a single teaspoon per day laced in brownies or teas does the trick beautifully.  Always consult a physician before mixing damiana with other prescription medications.    

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