WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla recommend vaping to caller; discuss ‘A Billion Lives’

During the November 1 broadcast of The Adam Carolla Show, old friend Dr. Drew Pinsky was a guest. The show lasted for about 45 minutes, and they bantered back and forth about a variety of issues.  But when a caller began talking about how difficult it is to quit smoking, dipping, and chewing tobacco, Dr. Drew took the bold stance of recommending vaping as a healthy way to kick the habit.

Dr. Drew first talks about traditional smoking cessation methods like “the patch,” nicotine gum or lozenges, and even the prescription drug Chantix before he goes into his pro-vaping rant.

“Or you could vape.  Vaping is not tobacco.  There’s nothing wrong with the nicotine, which is what you’re addicted to.  It’s the tobacco that causes all the F-ing damage.  So, you’ve got to get off the tobacco.  You can sure stay on the nicotine.  Find a nicotine replacement. Use a vape. Whatever, and then try to taper down from there….but if you can’t, stay with…anything but tobacco.

Dr. Drew and Adam then go on to talk about the documentary, A Billion Lives.  Adam begins poking fun at organizations like the CDC, the FDA, and other anti-vaping groups who are still waiting on “the science” that says that vaping is safe.  Adam starts off with his usual sarcasm.

“No science, Drew.  The science.  I always love the close cousin to the slippery-slope douchbag.  ‘There’s no science.  We’re still waiting for the science.’  The science for what?  Not smoking (tobacco)...and then smoking water vapor?”

Then Drew chimes in, also making fun of the puritanical stance taken by so many anti-smoking groups.

 “People have this weird, moralizing about nicotine, as though, ‘Well, you’ll still be addicted to nicotine.’  Yeah. Yeah.  No problem.”  Nicotine addiction isn’t lethal.  It’s the smoked tobacco that kills you.

Spoiler Alert: Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla use adult language.

The podcast is not for small children, and there is a lot of foul language being bandied about throughout the conversation.  But Dr. Drew and Adam make a very strong argument for vaping in a manner that is very easy to understand.  It’s a video that is worth sharing with the vaping community on social media.  The conversation begins around minute 11:00 and lasts for about five minutes or so.  The November 1 broadcast of The Adam Carolla Show can be located online.


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