Double standard: Colorado legalizes weed ‘tasting rooms’ & home delivery

Many vaping enthusiasts remember the good ole days when we could walk into our local vape shops with mod-in-hand and be allowed – and, in fact, even encouraged – to taste test a variety of flavored e-liquids.  We could vape openly in the store, ask the friendly hipster behind the counter how best to repair our vaping device, and socialize with other local vapers in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  We might even get the unexpected pleasure of occasionally witnessing a spur-of-the-moment cloudchasing contest.

All that went by the wayside when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released its notorious FDA deeming regulations on May 5, 2016.  Vaping had quickly and officially become linked forever to combustible tobacco products in the eyes of the U.S. government.  And in their view, vapers must and would be penalized.  

Colorado’s makes history – again - regarding legalized cannabis

At around the same time period, the legalized marijuana movement had already kicked into high gear.  Eventually, all 50 states would be entertaining some sort of pro-weed legislation.   California became the first to legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes as far back as 1996.  In 2012, just three years prior to the release of the FDA deeming regulations, Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally.

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Last Wednesday, the Centennial State made history again when Governor Jared Polis signed multiple marijuana-related bills into law, one of which allows businesses to apply for a permit to consume cannabis on-property.  House Bill 1230 will go into effect in 2020 once it’s approved by either a public vote or by county officials.   According to a statement in U.S. News, Gov. Polis used common sense decision-making before signing the controversial bill into law.

"’This gives them a responsible place to go,’ said Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, according to The Gazette. ‘We say, “come to Colorado, visit our dispensaries and purchase, but don't smoke it and don't take it with you.” That doesn't make sense.’”

What’s even more remarkable is that the Colorado Governor also signed into law another bill which will allow marijuana dispensaries to set up home delivery services for their products.  Can you imagine being able to get your favorite strains of pot and edible weed-enhanced brownies delivered right to your doorstep? Maybe Colorado cannabis dispensaries can team up with the local pizza parlors to create a Cannabis Combo Deal.  Their slogan could be, Pot and Pizza:  Get high and cure the munches all in one fell swoop.

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Polis defends this second bill, too.  And his reasoning seems sound.  According to Polis, “this is a bill of compassion” because so many patients who rely on medical cannabis have extreme difficulty in getting out of the house to visit a local dispensary.

The home delivery bill will also go into effect in 2020 as long as the same approval requirements are met like those of House Bill 1230.  And by the way, the bill specifically states that college campuses will be strictly off limits. 

Meanwhile, the vaping community looks over to our marijuana advocacy colleagues with a mixture of awe, wonder, and more than a tinge of jealousy.  How is it that our own federal government has been consistently and relentlessly threatening to kill vaping year after unending year while states like Colorado are now offering home delivery services for pot in 30-minutes or less?

Well done, marijuana activists.  Well done. 

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