Does vaping CBD prevent seizures in epilepsy patients?

Patients suffering from epilepsy often experience regular or recurring seizures that can not only be potentially fatal, elongated events can sometimes lead to brain damage. Medications help many patients to manage the regularity and severity of these episodes, but approximately 30-40 percent of the epileptic population is completely or substantially resistant to existing antiepileptic drug therapies.  Scientists are now hopeful that Cannabidiol or CBD may offer significant medicinal benefits without leaving the patient feeling stoned or high in the process.

In 2013, news spread around the medical community of a six-year old girl suffering from near-fatal, epileptic seizures several times per day.   According to mainstream media reports circulating at the time, young Charlotte Figi suffered about 300 grand mal seizures every week.  She had also lost her ability to walk, talk, and eat. 

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Her doctors tried everything to help manage both the number and severity of seizure events, but nothing seemed to work.  That is, until her parents tried a CBD- and Hemp-based concoction, and her episodes substantially diminished to only a few per month instead of hundreds per week.  For the first time in her very short life, Miss Charlotte had the hope of living a much happier childhood. 

As news of the specially-prepared, CBD-Hemp oil used by Charlotte’s parents spread around the globe, millions of epileptics also began writing to the Figis requesting the CBD recipe.  Today, the concoction is so well-known that it has its own name: Charlotte’s Web.   As a result, scientists of nearly every nation have been conducting numerous clinical trials and research projects to determine the validity of the therapy.   

FDA considering approval of CBD-based drug for seizures by June 27

Over the years, researchers have successfully documented many positive health benefits of CBD.  Cannabidiol has proven to be an effective treatment for patients suffering from anxiety, chronic depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorders.  It’s been found helpful in managing glucose levels in diabetic patients, and new research is even about to begin by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, involving CBD as an effective therapy for autistic children. 

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Meanwhile, a U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel recommended unanimously on April 19, 2018, to approve a CBD-based drug called  Epidiolex as a possible treatment for childhood epilepsy.  No official announcement has yet been made regarding the approval process or of a possible date in which the drug might be made available to the marketplace.  But the FDA expects to reach a final decision - one way or the other- by June 27, 2018, just a few short weeks away.

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