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Democrat Joe Biden says he will ban vaping completely if he wins in 2020

In a Saturday campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden once again proves that he suffers from a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease.   When asked by one of the voters in attendance for his opinions on the Trump flavor ban on vape pods, the 77-year old former Vice President said that he would propose even stricter regulations should he win in 2020.  In fact, he continued, he would halt the sales of all vapor products entirely.

Biden, of course, later qualified his statement by saying that he would only implement a full ban temporarily, until more research on vaping’s possible damaging health effects could be obtained.  There needs to be “serious scientific data as to whether or not it has the kind of long-term damage on the lungs and it causes death before we allow it to be sold,” he stated.

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Joe Biden needs to do at least a smidgen of research before opening his mouth on such controversial issues as vaping.  While he makes these sorts of gaffes repeatedly, he never seems to learn from his past mistakes.  Once again, Joe Biden’s first reaction when asked a question that he has absolutely no fundamental understanding or knowledge for providing an intelligent response is to simply tell the American voters what he assumes they want to hear.

Facts be damned.  Biden charges forward with anti-vaping nonsense.

In the early autumn of 2019 – nearly 5 months ago now - the mainstream media was busy spreading a false narrative of a “vaping-related” lung disorder striking thousands of illegal, underage vapers.   Funny thing is that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have already publicly acknowledged that the medical disorder is directly attributed to THC-enhanced vapor cartridges laced with vitamin E acetate. Nicotine-based vapes have nothing to do with it whatsoever, nor do flavors.

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Even though the “serious scientific data” indicating that the lung disorder was caused by illegal THC vaping has been published by the U.S. government and readily available for several months, Biden seems completely oblivious that it even exists.  Yet again, Biden is operating with outdated information while simultaneously proving that his competency for the job of President of the United States is at best questionable.

Bernie Sanders joins in the vaping hating rhetoric.

In a separate event last Saturday, a second democratic candidate Bernie Sanders also called for a full shutdown of the American vapor industry.  Almost immediately, however, his advisor Jeff Weaver walked back the statement by mimicking what Biden had said earlier.  Sanders wouldn’t ban vaping on Day 1 of his presidency, Weaver told Politico, but he would certainly ask for more research.

“The evidence seems to indicate that vaping is not so good for your health.  So, when you have products that are not good for your health, I think you’ve got to tell that industry that they cannot produce a product which is making our kids sick.”

Neither Biden nor Sanders ever mentioned the issue of combustible tobacco smoking in either of their responses.  National smoking ratees among both teen and adults are currently at all-time lows.

Furthermore, neither candidate discussed to role of legalized marijuana in the vaping debate either.  However, they did take the time to blast President Trump for what the Democrats are now labeling a “partial flavor ban.” 

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  • I had copd, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, nodules in lungs and a few precancerous spots. All killing me as I smoked my 4 pk a day habit.
    My brother equally as bad made me switch to vaping.

    5 yrs of just vaping and I’m great no more breathing treatment no more inhalers, no more cpap machine even my sleep apnea is gone.

    Dont smoke and vape. Dont use the THC liquid and just vape responsibly and learn to curb thevhamd to mouth habit.

    You too? As friends will attest to you smell better, taste better and feel 1000% better. Take long walks, etc.. dontbgive your pets lung cancer or those around you.

    Live the life. Keep nic or drop completely. I use nicotine as a clean and barely any side effects as the antidepressant it is. No stupid pill with worse side effects than the problem.

    No more suicidal thoughts or

    I love vaping and the effect on me has been blossoming forvthe last 5 yrs and going strong.

    Donna Brower
  • Am copd from smoking very heavily for in excess of 60years. Have not smoked cigarettes for over 3 years. Still use small amount of nicotine per vaping,if not i would still be smoking cigarettes copd has not worsened

    Billy Johnston

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