CASAA issues DIRE WARNING: Trump flavor ban could happen LITERALLY ANY MINUTE

The rumors began surfacing around noon on December 23 with a series of menacing tweets. Political insiders were warning that President Trump was trying to sneak through legislation that would implement a federal ban on flavored vapes, perhaps even before Americans returned from their Christmas vacation..

By 1:04 PM, conservative Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform and an associate of vaping advocate Grover Norquist tweeted the alarm bells for all to hear.  He then began blasting a long, detailed list of the estimated numbers of pro-vaping voters state-by-state. 

I’m hearing troubling information that a flavored vape ban is truly being considered by the Trump admin, with an announcement expected as early as today. It’s important that people let @realDonaldTrump, @SecAzar, @SteveFDA how destructive to` jobs and health that would be,” Blair tweeted.

At one point, Blair pointedly asked Mr. Trump via tweet, “Has the impeachment shaken you that much?”  Indeed, the issue of a Trump flavor ban first appeared during a White House press conference with the president on September 11.  By mid-November, Trump seemed to have completely reversed his previous stance and now appeared increasingly unconvinced that a flavor ban would be the best approach to curb teen vaping.    

During a White House meeting with major vapor retailers, advocates, anti-vaping lobbyists, and members of the medical community, Trump had expressed that his chief concern was the potential to unwittingly kick the Black Market vaping industry into high gear.  “Instead of having a flavor that’s at least safe, they’re going to be having a flavor that’s poison.  That’s a big problem,” the President said. 

By this afternoon, The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued an urgent email to its complete roster of subscribers and constituents urging all vapers to immediately start contacting their appropriate government officials - including Brad Parscale (@parscale), Trump’s campaign manager for the upcoming 2020 election.  The CASAA Call to Action also appears on the organization’s website and includes the following Call to Action:

“There is a high likelihood that we will see an announcement from the Trump administration regarding new rules for sales of flavored vapor products in the next two days. This new policy may ban sales of any flavor other than tobacco and menthol.

“We need to keep up the pressure on HHS/FDA officials, the Trump administration, and the Trump campaign and make sure that they know the consequences of banning flavors: Putting thousands of people out of work, closing down small businesses, and, most importantly, exposing consumers to greater risk by forcing people back to smoking or buying products on an underground market.

“We need to
Light Up The Switchboard
At The White House!
Ph: 202-456-1414

To be clear, no one really has any secret insights into what a Trump flavor ban might actually look like.  Will the White House be banning all flavored vapes, even those sold online?  Or will he “carve around vape shops” as former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested in a November 22 interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box?  At this point, the rumors are running rampant.

It’s time to get active, American vapers.  It’s time yet again to start tweeting to Donald Trump and his administration that a federal flavor ban is a terrible idea.  Remember to include the hashtag


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