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Cancer Research UK says vaping is 97% less toxic than smoking

A new research study funded by Cancer Research UK is reporting that people who choose to give up smoking by switching to vaping can significantly reduce their intake of cancer-causing toxins by as much as 97%.   However, dual use of both electronic cigarettes and combustible tobacco products does not provide the same health benefits. 

The study involved the monitoring of 181 former and current smokers.  Throughout the course of the study, participants were regularly asked to report whether they were using vaping or other nicotine replacement therapies like the patch or nicotine gum.  Dual use was also closely monitored.  Meanwhile, certain biomarker samples of urine and saliva were regularly collected and analyzed for levels of carcinogens, other toxins, and nicotine content. 

“Our study shows that bodily level exposure to established and important smoking-related carcinogens and toxicants is reduced by between 56 percent to 97 percent in long-term e-cigarette users who have stopped smoking completely, compared with tobacco cigarette smokers,” reports Lion Shahab, the lead scientist of the Cancer Research IK study.

CBS News even picked up on the UK research recently published February 6, 2017 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine and on the Health Day website.  As a counter argument in the name of fair and balanced reporting, CBS also interviewed Dr. Norman Edelman of the American Lung Association, a notoriously anti-vaping organization.

Edelman, Cancer Research UK, and Big Pharma

Edelman took issue with the entire premise of the UK study.  In a comment to CBS News, Edelman claims that Dr. Shahab and his research team failed to scan the participants’ biomarkers for toxins and chemicals allegedly found in only e-cigarettes as opposed to those associated with smoked tobacco.  What those alleged toxins are is anyone’s guess because Edelman failed to list them.

“We don’t know what is in e-cigarette vapor because the devices haven’t yet been fully regulated by the FDA.  If you want to stop smoking, you may as well use an FDA-approved nicotine replacement, such as the patch or the lozenge. You can have more confidence because it’s been analyzed by the FDA, while e-cigarettes haven’t been analyzed by the FDA.”

Once again, we have a member of the American Lung Association hawking nicotine replacement therapies and smoking cessation products manufactured and mass-marketed by Big Pharma.  This is a strategy strangely reminiscent of a more recent Trumpian event where Kellyanne Conway promoted the clothing line of Ivanka Trump during an interview on Fox News. 


The vaping industry has long been suspicious of American agencies like the FDA and the CDC which regularly and indirectly receive both financial and political support from Big Pharma by way of campaign contributions made to elected officials.   When a public health organization like the American Lung Association refuses to acknowledge the reams of scientific evidence already produced identifying vaping as a 95 to 97 percent healthier alternative to smoking, one begins to wonder.  Is the AMA secretly being paid off by the pharmaceutical industry, as well?


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