Can I vape St. John’s wort to help manage my depression?

One of the most holistic, natural remedies for managing chronic depression is the dry herb St. John’s wort.  It’s available in over-the-counter pills, capsules, and oils, and even transdermal therapies available in patch form.  It’s also perfectly legal and requires absolutely no doctor’s prescription.

But can you vape it?  And if so, why would you want to?

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 350 million people around the globe suffer from some form of depression or anxiety disorder.  The symptoms often sneak up on you, which means that many people have no idea that they are even sick.  Signs that you may be suffering from depression include:

  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Little interest in things or people whom you used to find engaging
  • Overeating or diminished appetite
  • Changes in body weight, either up or down
  • Difficulty maintain mental focus or concentration
  • Feeling consistently fatigued or overtired
  • Easily agitated
  • Reckless or erratic behaviors
  • Unexplainable pains and body aches
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or self-loathing
  • Suicidal thoughts

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While modern medicine now provides numerous prescription medications to help manage the symptoms of chronic depression, many of these drugs have several unwanted side effects that often discourage people from using them.  For example, a common complaint of many anti-depressant drugs is that they cause the patient to feel emotionally numb or somewhat “foggy.”  Another is that they sometimes cause the patient to gain weight or experience difficulties performing sexually. 

St. John’s wort, on the other hand, interacts more naturally with human body by blocking certain neurotransmitters in the brain that can negatively affect mood.  And because it is all-natural, the side effects are usually minimal in comparison to prescription drugs. 

Vaping St. John’s wort for convenience and faster relief

One of the great things about conventional e-liquid vaping is that you can get your nicotine fix anytime that you want it.  Vape devices are highly portable, easy to use, and allow the vaper to control the specific quantity of nicotine that they receive at any given time.

You can vape e-juice with 12ml of nicotine or zero-nicotine alternatives.  You can vape a few puffs to relax before a big meeting. Or you can chain vape during a visit with the in-laws if you are especially anxious.

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The vaping of St. John’s wort works the same way.  Vape a little, or vape a lot.  It all depends on you and the level of severity of your related symptoms of depression.  Conventional prescription medications do not allow this luxury, unfortunately.  You take a pill, and then you automatically release all control over your body until the pill passes entirely through your digestive system.  You essentially become a physical and emotional hostage of the prescription medication. 

St. John’s wort is water-soluble

Because St. John’s Wort is hydrophobic or water-soluble, the human body tends to eliminate these kinds of substances more quickly than, say, prescription drugs which are usually manufactured with hundreds of man-made, unnatural chemicals.  Even when St. John’s wort is ingested orally via pills or capsules, the human body needs time to break it down and deliver the medicinal effects to the brain by way of the digestive system.  In the meantime, a significant percentage of the herb’s bioavailability – or medicinal value- is essentially destroyed during the digestive process.

Orally ingested St. John’s wort takes longer to feel its healing effects, is nearly impossible to control the dosage effectively, and costs you more money in the long run. Vaping CBD, however, resolves each of these issues automatically.

Also known as goat weed, Tipton’s weed, or Klamath weed, this dry herb also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and has proven to be a remarkable home remedy for arthritis sufferers, too.  Before making the switch to vaped St. John’s wort, be sure to consult your physician.  Sometimes this dry herb does not mix well with other prescription drugs. 

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