Brits predict Bristol will be first city to go entirely smoke-free by 2024

Frontier Economics is a European microeconomics consulting firm with bases in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and cities in Australia and Singapore.  The agency continuously evaluates trends in the areas of public health, energy consumption, environmental issues, media, technology, and other areas of public habits.  According to a newly released report, Great Britain will be entirely smoke-free within the next thirty years with the city of Bristol leading the way as early as 2024.

If the predictions are correct, the report further suggests that the cities of Berkshire, Wokingham, and York will follow soon afterward.  The very last cigarette to be smoked in England should occur in Derby somewhere around the year 2050. 

Vaping is not smoking – in England

Unlike in the United States, UK public health officials avoid misidentifying vaping as smoking. In England, the use of vapor products to assist smokers in quitting is both endorsed and strongly encouraged.  Strict regulatory measures are in place, and the UK’s National Health Service or NHS even provides professional services to help its citizens quit smoking.   While the overall view of vaping is generally positive in comparison to the United States, England is also experiencing a consistent slowing in popularity of electronic cigarettes as former smokers-turned-vapers continue to give up vaping, as well.

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The 2015 publication of groundbreaking vaping research by Public Health England has likely contributed – at least in part - to the Brits’ public crusade to become the first nation on the planet to be entirely smoke-free.  The UK research was the first to identify that vaping is approximately 95 less harmful than smoking.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly failed to publicly acknowledge that the UK study even exists.   

Phillips Morris supports smoke-free campaign

According to The Mirror which was the first to break the news of the Frontier Economics study, The Philip Morris company wants to cease production of tobacco cigarettes in England entirely and is fully supportive of the national campaign to quit smoking.

In 1990, about two-thirds of Brits were daily smokers.  Today, the numbers are less than half.  It’s that last 15 percent of the general population or approximately 7.4 million current daily smokers who will be the most difficult to reach.

But the Brits appear to be truly committed, bolstered by the recent national statistics of smoking and vaping rates in steady decline.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world watches from afar, wishing the Brits well and perhaps with a slight feeling of envy.

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