BREAKING NEWS: FDA considers banning ALL online e-cig & vaping sales

During an Axios-hosted discussion panel on vaping taking place just hours ago in Washington, DC, FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb announced that he is considering a total ban on all online e-cig and vaping sales.  The band could theoretically include online purchases of everything from vape mods to Juuls, e-liquids, and even individual components like tanks and coils.  The surprise announcement follows a constant stream of recent accusations that teenage usage of vaping devices is reaching epidemic proportions nationwide.

Gottlieb and his supporters claim that the e-liquid and e-cig companies are intentionally employing kid-friendly marketing strategies to bolster underage sales. Over the past year, he has publicly threatened the possibility of an FDA ban on flavored e-liquids multiple times.  With his most recent statement regarding the de-legalization of all online vaping sales regardless of the age of the purchaser, the War on Vaping just became very real of millions of adult vapers trying to quit smoking.

C-SPAN2 videos Gottlieb discussing possible online vaping ban

The Axios event was captured via C-SPAN 2.   During his speech, Gottlieb openly admits that a ban on all online e-cig sales is “on the table” and is something that the FDA is “very clearly looking at.” However, he quickly backtracks by stating that the concept is not yet being “strongly considered.”  He then reaffirms his key talking point from prior interviews regarding teen vaping as a national “epidemic” before announcing a forthcoming “historic crackdown” by the federal agency, presumably on the sales of flavored e-liquids.

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This morning’s anti-vaping rant is only Gottlieb’s most recent televised attack on vaping taking place over the past few weeks.  In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box , the FDA Commissioner announced that a flavor ban might be implemented in as early as 60-days.   Days later, his appearance on Fox News was preceded by the airing of an FDA-funded video currently going viral on social media.  The video commercial features multiple young adults who appear to have a parasitic condition that results in grotesque disfigurements of the face and neck - the unsubstantiated implication being that teenagers who vape will are far more likely to also incur this mutilating condition.

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However, not everyone in Washington, DC, supports Dr. Gottlieb’s strong-arm tactics.   A former data strategist of the Trump Administration Matt Braynard recently appeared on The Hill TV while stating that the FDA Commissioner has “lost his mind” by targeting teen vaping rather than teen smoking. 

“What the FDA chief is proposing here — Scott Gottlieb — is not to, say, limit teenagers from being able to buy this, it’s not educating people it might be harmful but to banning it entirely for everybody including adults, which seems to me that he has lost his mind.”
“(FDA commissioner Gottlieb) is formerly of the AEI [American Enterprise Institute], a very free market institute, and if he just consulted with his former doctor and AEI scholars...who have written extensively on the minimal risks of these nicotine vape products compared to cigarettes – which are incredibly dangerous and have been killing people for over 100 years, (he) would understand that banning this product from the market wholesale will have tremendous costs.  There is great risk reduction by allowing these products on the market.”

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Whether or not the FDA implements a federal ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids (which would include both online and brick-and-mortar purchases) may no longer be the American vaping community’s biggest concern.  If Gottlieb’s Tuesday morning announcement it true, buying any vaping product of any kind may become illegal at any moment.

Not only will thousands of vape shops and e-commerce stores immediately be bankrupt, but millions of adult Americans may be forced to quit vaping and perhaps relapse into smoking once again.  Strangely, since this anti-vaping campaign of Gottlieb’s first began in early September, Big Tobacco stocks are simultaneously soaring.   

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(Image courtesy of C-SPAN 2)


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