Black Market THC scandal: Greg Conley of American Vaping Association appears on C-SPAN

To combat the onslaught of negative news surrounding the Black Market THC scandal, Greg Conley of the American Vaping Association has recently appeared on C-SPAN, CNN, and other mainstream media outlets.  In a press release last Friday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally acknowledged that federally regulated nicotine vapes are not the true cause of the recent “vaping-related” lung scare.  In fact, nearly 80 percent of the reported cases across 46 states have direct links to the illicit use of contraband marijuana-based substances. 

For well over two months now, the mainstream press has been posting thousands of terrifying headlines strongly implying that conventional nicotine-based e-liquids may be the most likely cause of the mysterious respiratory disorders. Seizing upon the media frenzy and resulting public hysteria, the governors of Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island immediately implemented executive orders and other legislative actions to ban flavored vaping products sin their respective states.

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As the strange series of events was in the midst of unfolding in mid-September, the AVA’s Greg Conley appeared on the CNN morning talk show New Day with host Alisyn Camerota.  When CNN contributor Dr. Sanjay Gupta began telling a heart wrenching story of a 17-year old teenager on life support allegedly due to “vaping,” Coney immediately debunked the conspiracy theory.  He noted that the FDA and the CDC already knew at the time of the interview that Black Market THC products were likely to blame.  Gupta shot back by saying, “You don’t know that,” to which Conley responded:

“They absolutely do know that…the FDA issued a specific warning only about contaminated THC products. Why did the FDA decide that only contaminated THC products warranted a public warning (sic)?”  Conley later added, “The truth Will come out.”

Well, the truth is out, and the CDC has finally issued an official announcement bolstering Conley’s claims.  According to the CDC public statement of September 27, 77 percent of the then-documented 805 patients afflicted with the obscure vaping-related lung disease readily admitted to vaping illegally obtained marijuana cartridges.  Only 16 percent claim to have been exclusive users of FDA-regulated nicotine e-liquids, and those numbers are highly suspect because teenagers are less likely to be 100 percent truthful when being interviewed by adults and parents.

Coney appears on C-SPAN to continue the fight against vaping ban

On the day following the CDC press release, Conley once again appeared on live television.  This time, the news show was The Washington Journal on C-SPAN with Guest Host Jesse J. Holland.

The vaping activist began by making several of the same points as he did during his CNN interview while successfully squelching the urge to yell from the mountaintops, “See?  II told you so! It wasn’t “vaping.”  It was Black Market THC!”

He even accepted on-the-fly phone calls from viewers.  In one such conversation, a man names James from Pickerington, Ohio, began blasting legislators and politicians in his state who regularly call for a ban on flavored vapes.

James points out that flavored vapor products and e-cigs have helped him remain smoke-free for several years, and that vaping an e-liquid that tastes like tobacco (the only flavor that these vaping bans typically allow) would likely cause him to relapse into smoking.  He also points out that kids are not using FDA-regulated vapor products “for the flavor,” they are using them to “for the buzz” (implying that kids are refilling traditional nicotine cartridges with illicit THC-enhanced substances).    

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James then informs the panel that since the fear-mongering campaign about a “vaping-related” lung ailment has hit the news, some 23 Mom and Pop vape shops in Ohio have already closed their doors.  “Just think what would happen if we take a flavor ban nationwide,” James continues. “It’s going to totally annihilate an entire industry.”

Mr. Conley turns to Host Holland and responds:

“I don’t think I could say it any better.  What you’re seeing across the country is that, partially because of the lung illness scare, and hopefully, now that the CDC came out yesterday and said, many, most, 77 percent-plus of the people who have this lung illness admit – keyword ‘admit’ – to using THC vapes, and there are multiple doctors and state health department representatives that have given quotes to the press – the national press – saying that many teens, in particular, are reluctant to admit that they are using THC.  But the news media, unfortunately, up until hopefully the CDC’s statement yesterday will change things.”

Conley then implies that the media has been more than a bit irresponsible by crafting their generic “vaping-related” headlines instead of warning the general population about the more precise Black Market THC products.  He also discussed a recent Morning Consult poll where an astounding 32% of respondents mistakenly believe that contraband THC products have nothing to do whatsoever with the current “vaping-related” public health scare. 

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Meanwhile, smokers-turned-vapers may be too frightened to vape and may relapse back into Big Tobacco cigarettes.  And perhaps millions of youngsters who are illegally vaping marijuana-based substances are not being warned that their habits may be killing them – just because the mainstream press continues to publish such bogus headlines repeatedly and irresponsibly.

Conley discusses many topics in this remarkable interview, from the now-infamous Trump press conference of September 11 where the President first announced his intentions to implement a federal ban on flavored e-liquids to the lies and anti-vaping propaganda often spouted by the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.  To view the C-SPAN interview in its entirely, please CLICK HERE.

 (Image courtesy of C-SPAN)

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