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Attacks on vaping science is ‘academic McCarthyism,’ says Greece’s Dr. Farsalinos

Attacks on vaping science is ‘academic McCarthyism,’ says Greece’s Dr. Farsalinos

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre in Athens, Greece, is a world-class cardiac physician and scientific research expert on the subject of vaping, e-cigs, and nicotine consumption.  While he may be less well-known in the United States, Farsalinos is a regularly requested guest speaker at many European conferences on public health.

However, as his pro-vaping stance becomes more widely documented, he is also beginning to see the rescinding of invitations to certain events and conferences funded by Big Tobacco.  But Farsalinos tends to attend such events anyway, refusing to be silenced.   In a recent statement to the Herald Scotland newspaper, he has recently called these types of strong-armed, censorship tactics “academic McCarthyism.”

“E-cigarettes are…95% less harmful than smoking”

Greece’s Top Doc believes that the worldwide misconceptions about vaping and e-cigarettes is growing at a rapid pace, especially when those public perceptions are compared to those of conventional smoking.  According to Farsalinos, much of this misinformation is being intentionally placed into the public media in an effort to help Big Tobacco. 


He points to several, very specific articles published in October of 2016 by the UK newspaper The Times, Tobacco giants fund vaping studies, Scientists wooed in charm offensive, and Smoke in their eyes.  In this series of publications, The Times had allegedly implied that many scientific studies led by researchers like Farsalinos were secretly being funded by Big Tobacco.

The articles were met with such alarming levels of public outcry by the European scientific community that The Times was forced to eventually issue a public apology.   Farsalinos contends that there is a big difference between attending a tobacco-sponsored event and participating in a tobacco-funded research study.

“E-cigarettes are not absolutely safe, and I wouldn’t recommend people to use them – but they are 95% less harmful than smoking.”
 “In the case of the conference organised by the tobacco industry – everyone knew that, it was not a secret. I have never been funded by any tobacco company and I have no links with tobacco companies, but I think some of the discussion on who has funded who and what they are saying is misleading.”
The scientist added: "Of course studies which are funded by the tobacco industry, you need to approach with caution, but you can not dismiss some high quality research which is being done just because it is being funded by someone you don’t like."

In November of this year, Farsalinos will be traveling to London, England to be a highlighted speaker at an event sponsored by The Royal Society entitled, The E-Cigarette Summit: Science, Regulation, and Public Health.  He is also heading to another similarly styled conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in the coming weeks which is drawing a great deal of public interest, as well.  In Europe, Farsalinos is considered a type of Vaping Rock Star, and the vaping industry needs more medical professionals with this unyielding sense of courage, commitment, and dedication to public health.


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