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Are you ready for the August 8 FDA deeming regulations?

The new FDA deeming regulations officially begin this coming Monday, August 8, and retailers and manufacturers alike are bracing for the coming changes.  This is the date after which all new or improved products not already on the market will be required to undergo a very time-consuming and expensive Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process before the FDA will allow these products to be sold to consumers.  For consumers accustomed to a steady stream of new vape mods, batteries, and e-liquids being released on an almost weekly basis, you may be in for a big surprise.

The PMTA process is estimated to cost between $300,000 to perhaps $1 million per product.  So, manufacturers will be far more selective in choosing which new products are worthy of this extra expense.  Innovation will slow to a crawl, and consumers will begin to witness a slight increase in prices when new technology is finally released to the marketplace.


The PMTA is also required for less technical purchases, such as e-liquid and 18650 batteries, as well.  Unfortunately, lots of other changes will soon become evident to vaping enthusiasts around the country.  Here’s a short list:

August 8 FDA deeming regulations

  • Retailers can no longer sell electronic cigarettes, hookahs, or vaping devices or products to minors, a regulation that most vape shops and e-commerce stores already follow.
  • This same merchandise can no longer be sold through vending machines, unless the machine is located in an adults-only establishment.
  • Vape shops, distributors, importers, and manufacturers can no longer provide free samples of e-liquids, not even to customers or Vloggers for review.
  • Labeling cannot use terms like “light” or “mild” in their descriptions.
  • Local vape shops can no longer build coils for their customers. According to the FDA deeming regulations, each new coil build would require a million-dollar PMTA, which small business owners cannot obviously afford.

As August 8 quickly approaches, many retailers and online vendors are offering big sales promotions in an effort to get rid of old inventory that will no longer be for sale after the FDA deeming regulations go into effect.  Meanwhile, many “brick and mortar” vape shops are worried about the future of their businesses.  After all, visiting with other vaping enthusiasts, trying new e-liquids, and sharing coil building tips and tricks is all part of the fun.  On the flip side, this weekend will be a good time to catch some really good parties down at the local Mom and Pop.


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  • So I’ve known about these regulations for some time. Being part of a Instagram Advocacy group made up of Vapers as well as ejuice manufacturers. The most depressing part of this whole freeze is that it will affect so many folks that were and are well on their way to becoming nicotine free. So the FDA IS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT BIG TOBACCOS MONEY. WE ALL KNOW WE LIVE IN AN ECONOMY THATS MAIN COMODITY IS CANCER. It is also even sadder that more Vapers didn’t get involved in advocating to try and prevent these REDICULIOUS regulations. Most B&M’s are here for the customers health. They want to quit smoking. I am deeply saddened by the handling of this industry.

    Dan Stegner

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