Anti-vaper Stanton Glantz – the man behind the California vape ban – quietly ‘retires’

A notorious nemesis of the vaping community, Stanton Glatz, has quietly announced that he is retiring from the University of California-San Francisco.  Glantz has had a rather controversial career, not just because of the massive amounts of junk science that he has published and spread across social media, but also due to allegations of sexual and racially-charged misconduct by staffers.

One of his most nefarious contributions to the attempted annihilation of the American vaping industry was his outrageous claims in 2019 that vaping causes heart attacks.  The Journal of the American Heart Association even retracted his related “study” supposedly depicting these findings amid demands from multiple members of the scientific community. 

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Unfortunately, the City of San Francisco had already used the Glantz publication as a basis to push through legislation banning flavored vapes throughout the region.  Just last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom took things a step further by signing into law SB 793 which bans flavored vaping statewide. 

When Dr. Michael Siegel, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health, heard of San Francisco’s plans, he reached out to the city  through an article published in his blog, The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary.

“The…problem is the question of why the study investigators failed to look at whether the vaping preceded the heart attacks, even though they had the information in the survey to make that determination. It would have been easy for them to determine that the majority of the vapers who reported having had a heart attack actually experienced the heart attack before they even started vaping.”

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In another bizarre display of ineptitude, Mr. Glantz occurred on Twitter in late December 2018.  In a single tweet, Glantz sent shockwaves through the entire scientific community by falsely claiming that vapers are “better of smoking.” According to Glantz, electronic cigarettes are allegedly far more toxic than combustible tobacco cigarettes. Conversely, Public Health England published research way back in 2016 indicating that e-cigs are 95 percent less harmful than smoking. 

On September 9, Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association tweeted out a copy of Glatz’s resignation statement sent to his former employers. No reason was given for his sudden retirement.  The statement read:

“I have finally retired from UCSF, ready to move to the next phase.  I will also be continuing to work with my UCSF colleagues to complete work that is under way. From talking to colleagues who have already retired, I am confident that there will be more ways that I can keep contributing to fighting the tobacco industry and promoting public health.”

Much of Stanton Glantz’s research was easily debunk over the years, but his publications always seemed to gain traction in the mainstream media.  When a former cabinet official of the Welsh government, Clive Bates, heard of Glantz’s resignation, he said, “It should have happened many years ago.  Many lives would have been saved.”

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