Amid ‘vaping-linked’ lung debacle, CDC issues new dire warning: Stop kissing chickens

Sometimes the vaping news is so absolutely aggravating that it becomes laugh-out-loud funny. As the rest of the world watches America’s “vaping-related” fearmongering unfold before its very eyes, many public health experts in other nations are publicly asking, “What the heck is going on in the United States?”    

Nearly every reputable tobacco control scientist from Konstantinos E Farsalinos to Dr. Mike Siegel is aggressively denouncing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its gross mishandling of recent events.  Dr. Farsalinos calls the public outrage “emotional and irrational hysteria.” Siegel is now wondering if the CDC is in cahoots with the “marijuana drug cartel.” And Mr. Rodu suspects that the CDC may be “exploiting outlier lung disease” for nefarious purposes. 

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With the international scientific and academic communities now openly questioning whether America’s premier public health institution has collectively lost its proverbial mind, it only stands to reason that the CDC would work diligently to redeem is severely tarnished reputation.  So, within days after issuing a public announcement warning US citizens to stay away from all vaping products – not just those filled with Black Market THC substances – the CDC issues another public advisory that the mainstream press is once again eating up with a spoon.

CDC warns Americans to stop kissing and cuddling their chickens.

According to Newsweek, in 2019 alone, the CDC has recorded a remarkable 1,003 cases of salmonella poisoning allegedly caused by chicken canoodling, and two of the diagnoses would eventually become terminal.  In an August 30 press release, the CDC recommends washing of the hands after direct contact with chickens and the avoidance of allowing chickens to have “free range” of the home (pun intended).

The chicken-kissing salmonella cases have several similarities to the so-called vaping-linked lung disease reports.  Both involve unregulated industries (i.e. chicken cuddling and legalized cannabis).  Both have resulted in physicians having a terrible time determining the initial cause of the associated ailment. Both have led to at least two allegedly-attributable deaths.  And both have gained the attention of the mainstream media.

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The most significant difference, however, is in the way in which the morning news shows discuss the two different outbreaks.  Even though two deaths are being linked to the chicken-kissing story, the mainstream press usually reports the CDC warning with a bit of humor and wit – if they report it al at all.  Conversely, the ”vaping-related” lung disorder story is usually discussed with a tremendous amount of fear and angst, even though it is equally as ridiculous.

Perhaps the mainstream media will finally begin to understand the superciliousness of these CDC health warnings.  After all, most of the public health experts from the rest of the world are already laughing themselves silly.

The whole situation would be laughable if the CDC’s intentional bungling of the vaping story were not possibly leading to millions of Americans giving up vaping and relapsing back into smoking – something that everyone on the planet agrees is both highly carcinogenic and outright lethal.

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