Leo DiCaprio vapes his brains out...and almost forgot his Oscar!

Leo vaping at an after-party.

(Courtesy of TMZ.com)

Leonardo DiCaprio vapes just about every chance he gets.  So, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned vaping at the 2013 Academy Awards on Sunday night, the poor guy must have been jonesing for a vape by the time he finally won his first-ever Oscar at around midnight that evening.  Somehow, he managed to get through the hours-long event without suffering from vape withdrawal, and he even gave a very eloquent acceptance speech with a special focus on global warming.

After walking off stage Leo gave a hug to his old pal Kate Winslet from Titanic fame and walked over to have his new golden statue engraved with his name.  After answering a lot of questions backstage by the international press, the year’s top male movie star was even more anxious to take a hit from his trusty vape mod.  As a resort, reports are flooding the Internet that DiCaprio was hitting all of the Post-Oscar Parties with vape pen-in-hand.

At one point, he was spotted by the TMZ news show stepping out of the West Hollywood restaurant Ago, apparently on his way to another celebration.  After entering his SUV, an unknown person immediately followed him outside with a bottle of Evian water and Leo’s newly engraved Oscar.   It seems that in all the excitement, DiCaprio had accidentally left his Oscar behind.

Or was this simply because the Revenant star was so stressed out from not being allowed to vape in public for several hours during the Academy Awards? We’ve seen lots of celebrities vaping at awards shows and other publicity events over the years, but 2015 seems to be the year that the TV media is really cracking down.  Julia-Louis Dreyfus vaped at the 2014 Golden Globes (and so did Leo, by the way).   And there are hundreds of photographs of Johnny Depp vaping in public.  So why all the hubbub this year?

It may be because Leonardo DiCaprio is winning every award imaginable for his role in the Revenant movie.   He’s also one of the most famous people on the planet who also happens to be the most private.  According to many Hollywood insiders, Leo simply hates being the center of attention.  So when he finally does venture outdoors, like during awards season, and the only photograph that the media can get of the handsome actor includes a vape mod and a cloud of billowing vapor spewing from his lips, it’s bound to generate even more press.

Leonardo DiCaprio vapes in public, and we love this about him.  Unfortunately, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences missed a tremendous opportunity.  By banning vaping at the Oscars, they essentially showed support for the anti-vaping movement.  But advocates like Leo, Julia, and Johnny know better.  They know that vaping is 95% safer and healthier than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  They know that “vaping is the future,” as The Vaping Congressman Duncan Hunter would say.  It’s too bad that the Academy and the ABC Network were simply too afraid to take a stand.

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