5 Ways to save vaping and STOP an FDA flavor ban before it begins

5 Ways to save vaping and STOP an FDA flavor ban before it begins

While the FDA has not officially announced new regulations that would ban the sales of flavored e-liquids, public statements by Chief Scott Gottlieb indicate that he is at least considering the idea.  Even the Iowa Attorney General along with four other political officials recently wrote a letter to Gottlieb asking him to think very carefully before changing the agency’s stance on “kid-appealing” vaping flavors.

As far back as July 28th of last year, Iowa AG Thomas J. Miller stated that “the Surgeon General’s 2016 report, is overly simplistic in presuming that the primary purpose and consequence of offering flavors is to recruit current non-users.”  But as recently as February 17, the FDA’s Gottlieb posted a rather ominous tweet that essentially warns the American vaping community to stop selling to children or face the consequences. 

The time to stop a potential flavor ban is now!

The time to stop a potential flavor ban is now – before any official regulatory requirements are released or published by the FDA.  Once the horse is out of the gate, it will be much tougher to repeal them.  Just take a look at the FDA deeming regulations of 2015.  The vaping community has been urging Congress for an immediate repeal since the Trump presidential victory in November of 2016, and still nothing has happened so far.

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Even with a Republican-controlled government, the American vaping industry is still under a constant threat of being wiped out by the year 2022.  Meanwhile, a vaping ban on e-liquid flavors could happen at almost any time if we don’t take action now!  Here are 5 easy ways that you can help stop a possible flavor ban from becoming a reality.

5 Ways to help STOP an FDA flavor ban before it begins!

1.  Contact your congressional representatives and senators.

It’s easier than you might think.  All you do is travel to the WhoIsMyRepresentative.com website and type in your zip code.  Links to your local congressional representative and both state senators will immediately appear.  Click on each link to locate the official’s contact information, including phone number, website, postal address, and, in many cases, a link to send a private message.  Ask your congressional representatives to get involved and stop the possible flavor ban before it’s too late.

2.  Contact Donald Trump.

Let’s be honest.  The Man LIVES on Twitter.  Imagine what would happen if the millions of vapers started bombarding Donald Trump will kindly worded tweets asking him to repeal and replace the FDA deeming regulations?  Tweet to The Donald at @realDonaldTrump and tell him how much flavored e-liquids have helped you to stop smoking.   If Twitter isn’t your thing, you can send an email to the White House via WhiteHouse.gov/contact.

3.  Tweet to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. 

If his February tweet is any indication, Gottlieb is also a Twitter enthusiast.  While you’re tweeting Donald Trump, why not copy Scott Gottlieb on the same post.  His Twitter handle is @ScottGottliebMD

4.  Sign the petition to end the FDA deeming regulations.

Most veteran vapers have already signed the online petition to repeal and replace the FDA deeming that will go into full effect in 2002, but newbies may not know that many portions of these regulations are already in effect.  An example would be the new regulation banning the free sampling of e-liquids in vape shops which went into effect last August.  To sign the petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations, simply travel to Change.org.

5.  Join a vaping advocacy group like CASAA.

State, local, and federal government officials are constantly working behind the scenes to push forward their own political agendas.  Many local politicians are now introducing city ordinances that will effectively ban the sales of flavored e-liquids whether the FDA bans them or not.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is an vaping advocacy group which keeps track of all these tiny pieces of legislation secretly making their way through state and local governments.  CASAA is free to join and also posts other ways that you can help stop these anti-vaping proposals from becoming law.

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Adam - August 14, 2018

I’ve quit chewing tobacco by vaping and I’m so glad to be free of it. Started as a kid buying it at the local gas station. I’ve got a novel idea for the morons in our government : if you’re worried about children using nicotine products…enforce the existing laws that ban the sale of nicotine products to minors!!! But I guess tobacco distributors would be hurt by that, wouldn’t they?

Kenneth - June 12, 2018

They are using kids as an excuse to control us and force us to buy cigarettes they say its about the kids being attracted to the bottles but they promote cigarettes near schools all the time, i don’t see them trying to ban cigarettes tho, they just want to force us to buy cigarettes so big cigarette companies can make their money they don’t care about anyones health and that’s 100% true if it was about the designs they could just force companies to change the labels so they don’t attract kids or change the smoking age to 21 everywhere instead of 18 and that would be that, this is just another way the government is trying to control us and force us to do what they want so the big companies can make money, cause if all we have is tobacco and menthal to vape the we might as well go buy a box of cigarettes and smoke that for the taste and that’s facts

joe biehl - April 30, 2018

Flavors for electronic cigarettes should not be banned do to the flavors and whats currently available I was able to stop smoking and if these things are banned it can be harmful in my mind to a industry to produces a life saving alternative to smokeing and taking away that I think would be idiotic and I believe the fda should be supporting flavors and other electronic cigarette related stuff do to the fact it can save lives and should be an option like any other aid for people who want to stop smoking

Paula mathes - April 24, 2018

Favor vaping is helping me to stop smoking I’ve smoke for over forty years now and favor vaping is assist with stopping. I’ve tried the non favor and it doesn’t help so please don’t stop the favoring

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