5 Legal herbs that you can vape for improved body, mind & spirit

Many smokers trying to quit turn to vaping as a significantly less harmful method of obtaining their nicotine fix without ingesting all the carcinogenic tar and other chemicals of conventional cigarettes.   By gradually decreasing the nicotine concentrations of their e-liquids, they eventually wean themselves off of nicotine completely.

Vaping zero-nic e-liquids helps to curb the physical addictions associated with smoking.  The hand-to-mouth actions of vaping mimic those associated with smoking - which prevents possible smoking relapses.  But there are also dozens of legal herbs that you can vape, too, many of which offer some rather interesting holistic side effects for the body, mind, and spirit.

1.  Basil

Vapers of this common seasoning herb often find that basil helps treat occurrences of the common cold and flu while also helping to stabilize mood.   It also fills the room with a rather pleasant odor that non-vapers can easily confuse with their favorite Italian cuisines. Basil is best vaped in the morning and early afternoons because it can give you a slight burst of energy, too.  It’s best vaped at around 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  Eucalyptus

A recent study published in BMC Immunology shows that eucalyptus helps boost the immune system and even helps reduce stress levels.  Its antibacterial properties are so well-documented that the cosmetics industry uses it as a common ingredient in countless lotions, creams, and ointments.  These same antibacterial components are also useful in battling lung and respiratory disorders, which is why eucalyptus a popular home remedy for vapers suffering from colds and flu.  Eucalyptus is best vaped at 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3.  Catnip

Believe it or not, humans (as well as felines) have been ingesting catnip for centuries, although vaping it is a relatively recent trend.    When vaped, catnip is said to produce a slight feeling of euphoria followed by a relaxing, calming sensation.  Similar to certain strains of cannabis, this dry herb is also said to improve mood.  In fact, it is not uncommon for catnip to induce a slight case of the giggles from time to time.  Catnip is best vaped at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

4.  Coffee

Yes, vaping coffee is a real thing.  Vaping this popular bean produces many of the same effects as drinking it.  Vapers receive the same pick-me-up sensation without the negative side effects, like stained teeth and coffee breathe.  Vaping coffee is much more convenient and infinitely cheaper than constantly visiting the local Starbucks whenever you need a caffeine fix, too.  Coffee is best vaped at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.  Green tea

Much like coffee, green tea also contains a bit of caffeine which can act as a mild stimulant. It’s perhaps best known for its antioxidant properties, which help the body purge toxins, chemicals, and other unnatural substances.  Studies also show that vaping green tea helps suppress appetite, burns fat, and regulates blood sugar levels which can sometimes cause unwanted issues of periodic moodiness. Green tea is best vaped at 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

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