4 Quick & easy ways to help STOP the FDA from banning ALL online vape sales

The War on Vaping is heating up even more with the recent news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently considering a federal ban on the sales of all online vaping products.  The ban would likely include all flavored e-liquids, vape mods, coils, and other components.  The blistering announcement came during a live interview of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb just last month at an Axios-hosted, televised conference on the topic of e-cigarettes and teen usage. 

With the help of anti-vaping groups like the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Gottlieb and his agency are successfully but misguidedly convincing the American public that smoking and vaping are essentially equally hazardous to public health.  By flooding social media, CPSPAN, and the mainstream press with intentionally misleading and falsified misinformation, the War on Vaping has never been more extreme. 

Here are four quick and easy ways that all vapers can join in the fight.  And they each take only five minutes or less to complete.

1.  Sign the online petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations.

An online petition is circulated called Stop the Vape Ban.  All comments are immediately transferred to a government website for the world to see.  Vaping enthusiasts can simply sign the petition, which only takes a couple of seconds.  They also have the option to post a personal comment.  Vapers are encouraged to share personal stories, share their favorite e-liquid flavors, and express how flavored vaping has helped in their fight to quit smoking and improve overall health.  Also, for those who have not yet signed the petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations, just CLICK HERE and join the millions of Americans who are already doing their part to help save vaping.   

2.  Send a Tweet to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Instead of surfing Twitter looking for the latest news on Trump, high school classmates, or other time-sucking nonsense, why not send the good ole FDA Commissioner a short-and-sweet tweet expressing your disgust with his recent attacks on vaping?  Send him several tweets, in you have the time.  Gottlieb is now calling teen vaping a national “epidemic.”  Why not tell him personal stories about how switching to flavored vaping has helped millions of adults to successfully and permanently quit smoking?  Gottlieb’s Twitter handle is @ScottGottliebMD.

3.  Send a Tweet to Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump simply loves Twitter.  He tweets during cabinet meetings, conferences with world leaders, and while flying on Air Force One.  The man tweets morning, noon, and night – literally!  After tweeting FDA Chief Gottlieb, why not give The Donald a tweet, too.  If time is short, just copy and paste the Gottlieb tweet to Donald Trump’s twitter feed to save time.  He’ll never know the difference.

4.  Send a tweet to senators, congresspersons, and other government leaders.

The Republican Party is the party of less government regulation.  Under Donald Trump, it has grown even more so.  Trump has eliminated tons of regulatory requirements implemented by his predecessor President Barack Obama.  And the leaders of the GOP are falling in line right behind him.  If there is any chance of stopping this anti-vaping train from reaching its destination, the Republicans are the only ones who can do it!

Send a tweet to House Speaker Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan ‏).  Copy and paste it to the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (@SenateMajLdr ‏).  And don’t forget Trump’s buddy and golfing partner Senator Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC).  He may be from South Carolina, but the man definitely has Trump’s ear.  Also, send a tweet to your state senators and congressional representatives.  Just CLICK HERE, type in your zip code, and find their contact information.   

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