4 Little-known tips for vaping less e-liquid and saving loads of cash

There are lots of ways that adult smokers switching to vaping can save money.  The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in most states is now between six to eight dollars.  For a couple of more bucks, you can buy a bottle of your favorite e-liquid that lasts a full week or longer.  But if you want to be uber-thrifty, here are four little-known tips that can help you stretch that bottle of vape juice to last even longer.

1.  Plug those leaky vape pens.

Even the very best vape mods and pens manufactured from the most reputable retailers tend to become leaky the longer we use them.  Poor or inadequate maintenance can easily lead to the small, rubber O-rings located between the tank, the coil, and the atomizer to become damaged. 

When cleaning your vaping devices, make sure to check those O-rings! O-rings are cheap, and most vaping devices already come with a few replacements inside the box.

2.  Avoid overfilling the tank.

Another cause of leaking vape pens is the overfilling of the tank with e-liquid.  Sure, nobody likes stopping to refill e-juice.  So, we have a tendency to avoid such nuisances by filling the tank to the brim.  That’s a big no-no.

Instead, simply tilt the vaping device ever so slightly, pouring the vape juice down along the sides much like you would pour a glass of beer.  This process automatically leaves a bit of air space at the very top of the tank, which prevents excess e-liquid from seeping into the tubular connection between the mouthpiece and the atomizer.

3.  Increase the nicotine strength of the vape juice.

Think about it.  A bottle of 3mg e-liquid almost always costs the exact same price as a bottle of the same brand with 12mg nicotine strength.  While for many novice vapers the ultimate goal is to stop smoking and ingesting less nicotine, studies show that vapers using lower nicotine strength e-liquids tend to take substantially more puffs per day.

Upping the nicotine concentrations will likely result in your vaping less e-juice on a daily basis.  And isn’t that really the true objective of making the switch in the first place: To stop using smoking – and by extension vaping -  as a psychological crutch?

4.  Purchase a cheap ‘day vape.’

Did you know that vaping devices with all the bells and whistles tend to use more e-liquid?  Vape mods with massive batteries or wattage capabilities may be a lot of fun for blowing massive clouds in your living room or when competing in cloudchasing competitions with your friends, but they also waste an enormous amount of e-liquid in the process.

Most vapers are prohibited from vaping in the workplace, which means that their daylight vape habits are sporadically limited to lunch hours and coffee breaks.  Instead of relying on that uber-expensive vape mod 24/7, consider buying a second, cheaper, less powerful “day vape” for quick hits throughout the workday. 

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