4 easy ways to save money by vaping less e-liquid

Switching to vaping saves former smokers loads of money, but e-liquids and vaping supplies still incur daily and weekly expenses.  With news currently circulating across social media about the Trump Tariff War potentially escalating future vaping costs even more, vapers across America are on the lookout for ways to stretch those vaping dollars.  Here are four easy ways to save money by using less e-liquid without hampering your overall vaping enjoyment.

1.  Boost that nicotine strength.

Most vape shops and online retailers offer their e-liquids in a variety of nicotine levels without increasing the associated price tag.  For example, a bottle of 3ml strength vape juice usually costs just as much as a 24mg alternative.  If you are a veteran vaper using the lower nicotine strengths, then you might be surprised to learn that you tend to take more puffs per day than if you were using a higher-nicotine e-juice.   Increasing the nicotine strength means that you get equal amounts of satisfaction but with fewer refills of the tank.

2.  Buy a second 'day vape.'

Most vapers have a day job that prohibits their ability to vape in the workplace.  Why not purchase a day vape that gets the job done but without all the fancy extras?  Vaping devices with massive batteries or that allow sub ohm vaping are lots of fun, but we don’t really need them to cloudchase in an office environment, do we?  Invest in a cheaper, smaller, less powerful vaping device and save lots of money on excess e-liquid in the process.  Then go back to blowing those massive clouds of vapor while in the privacy of your own home after work.

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3.  Plug those leaky vaping devices.

Vape mods can easily become damaged due to improper filling or overfilling of the e-liquid. Even the most experienced vaper will occasionally overshoot the tank, which can result in leaks or e-liquid becoming trapped inside the center tube.  To save money on vape juice, plug the leak, replace the tank, or give it a good cleaning with a Q-tip or a paper towel.  Always check your vaping devices regularly to avoid potentially dangerous mishaps while ensuring a consistently enjoyable and cost-effective vaping experience. 

4.  Watch your daily vaping habits. 

Since vaping is so much cheaper than smoking – and much less harmful to our health - it’s often very easy for vapers become a little too attached to their vaping gear.  If you are a vaper who seemingly always has a vape mod in hand, try being a little more conscientious of how much you vape throughout the day.  Are you vaping to squelch an urge to smoke?  Or are you vaping out of habit, boredom, or entertainment.  If your hand is constantly glued to your vape mod, then you are probably spending much more on vape juice, too.

In general, increased nicotine strengths, lower-powered gear, and higher atomizer resistance levels translate to decreased e-liquid usage.  Your batteries will likely last much longer, too, which only saves you more money in the long run. 

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