4 easy ways to help STOP a Trump flavor ban on vaping this week

Mainstream media is all abuzz about the extreme possibility of President Donald J. Trump implementing a nationwide, federal ban on flavored vaping products as early as Friday of this week.  To be honest, it could happen at any minute.  Menthol and tobacco flavors appear to be getting a presidential reprieve, but those favorite cotton candy, bubblegum, and chocolate covered strawberry e-liquids will be instantly pulled from store shelves (and the Internet) if the Trump flavor ban becomes a reality.

It’s not too late to get involved.  Donald Trump often changes his mind at the very last minute.  So, it’s not too late to get involved.  Here are four quick and easy ways that you can help convince the White House to avoid banning flavored vapes nationwide.

1.  Contact FLOTUS…first!

Everyone knows that Trump despises federal regulations of almost any kind.  The only reason he’s supportive of a federal flavor ban is because of his wife, Melania.  During a White House press conference on September 11 in which the president first announced his intentions to implement such a ban, he credited his wife as the motivating inspiration behind the political move. 

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It appears as if Mrs. Melania Trump is simply reacting to the millions of misleading headlines flooding Twitter and social media – headlines which label a mysterious outbreak of previously unknown lung disorders as “vaping-related.”  Even in early September, the mainstream media already knew that Black Market THC-containing cartridges were to blame, but the misleading headlines persisted. 

Step one in the fight to stop a Trump flavor ban is to contact Melania Trump.  Like her husband, she loves her Twitter account.  Catch her there by tweeting to @FLOTUS.  Vaping advocates can also send her an email via WhiteHouse.gov/contact, or they can leave a phone message by dialing the White House directly at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

2.  Rinse and repeat.  Contact President Trump, too. 

Don’t forget to contact the president, too.  After all, he’s the one who makes the final decision.  Vapers can use the same email and phone numbers to send a duplicate message to President Trump or an entirely different message if they have the time and the inclination.  Of course, there’s always Twitter, which is probably the best bet for having your messages read by a staffer or perhaps by the president himself.  President Trump’s Twitter handle is @realDonaldTrump.

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When contacting both the President and the First Lady, make sure to tell them that nicotine-based vapor products have nothing whatsoever to do with the strange outbreak of lung disease plaguing the nation.  The FDA and the CDC both agree that Black Market THC-containing cartridges are to blame for at least 92 percent of all “vaping-related” respiratory disorders. 

3.  Sign the ‘We the People’ petition to stop the Trump flavor ban. 

As with every good cause, there’s always an online petition that activists can sign and share among their friends and family.  The one to sign to oppose a Trump flavor ban is located at We The People.  It was created just minutes after Donald Trump’s September 11 announcement. 

4.  Put pressure on your state senators and local congresspeople.

Generally speaking, Democrats are in favor of a Trump flavor ban, and Republicans are against it.  Yes, Trump’s own party is opposed to federal bans of almost any product because they view these actions as Big Government and Nanny State Legislation.  Regardless of whether your elected political officials are Democrat or Republican, it’s time to give them a call (or an email or a tweet).

Locating the names and contact information of your senators and congresspeople is easy.  Simply travel to the website WhoIsMyRepresentative.com and type in your zip code.  To find their Twitter accounts, simple Google their name followed by “+ Twitter.”

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