4 Common mistakes of first-time vapers

Smokers who turn to vaping as a way to quit can quickly become confused by the many different kinds of vapor products readily available online and in local vape shops.  From inexpensive vape pens to disposable over-the-counter products like Blu e-cigarettes to high-end mods with all the bells and whistles, having so many options can cause many people to procrastinate.  Even worse, some smokers may never get around to trying vapor products as a safer and healthier tool for tobacco harm reduction.  Here are four of the most common mistakes that first-time vapers should avoid.

Beginning by purchasing high-end vapes

Among the most common mistakes made by newbie vapers is that they instantly purchase a high-end vape mod that simply isn't ideal for a rookie. When you first begin vaping, specifically if you are attempting to transition from combustible tobacco, select something that has more in common with standard cigarettes.  Choose a product that's easy to use, produces the best throat hit for you, and has a draw similar to that of smoking.  If you happen to have friends or family members who already vape, perhaps you can try some of their products as way to gauge the various satisfaction levels.

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Buying something just because it’s ‘on sale’

Just as a complicated, high-end vape mod isn't usually the best option for a brand-new vaper, neither will a very cheap, poor-quality option. Hurrying into a quick purchase because just because the cost is low is more likely to get you a vaping device that either performs badly, produces too little vapor, has a battery that needs recharging too frequently, or offers a taste and throat hit that is unsatisfactory.

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Being intimidated by all the vaping lingo

When you first start reading blogs and websites about vaping, you will rapidly find yourself in a strange, new world of voltage, watts, and ohms that can appear complicated and frustrating to a new vaper. Do not make the error of thinking that you must comprehend all of this technical information or that vaping is a complicated thing that only people with strong technical knowledge can enjoy. These devices and systems are extremely easy to use, have tons of safety features, and need no prior knowledge at all-- they're just ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

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Quitting before the miracle happens

The sensations associated with vaping are not exactly like those of smoking cigarettes.  For one thing, vapes are usually much less addictive. So, it may take a few days to get used to.  Still, switching to vaping offers many of the same enjoyments of combustible tobacco products without the nasty odor, tar, ash, chemicals, and other negative aspects. Keep in mind that most veteran vapers had to go through this temporary transition process when they first made the switch.  So, give yourself enough time to become accustomed to the vaping experience, and try different products and e-liquids to find what works best for you.

Don't hesitate to give vaping a try. Making the switch from smoking to vapor products does not need to be complicated or challenging.  Furthermore, lots of people quickly discover that vaping is more affordable than smoking in the long run.

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