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3 Ways that you can help save vaping in 5 MINUTES OR LESS!

The American vaping industry is under siege by excessive government overregulation that threatens to wipe out thousands of local vape shops in the coming months.  One such example is the FDA DEEMING REGULATIONS that now classify all vaping technology and e-liquids as tobacco products – even the zero-nicotine brands!


As of August 8, 2016, vape shops are no longer allowed to offer free e-juice samples to their customers.  They also are prohibited from offering free customer assistance with coil-building, device modifications, or the installation firmware fixes.  And if the FDA deeming regulations are not repealed and replaced…


What can you do to help save vaping?  Here are 3 easy things that only take...




1.  Call and/or write your local CONGRESSPERSON!  We’ll show you how in 5 minutes or less!

There’s no need to do a Google Search.  Just CLICK HERE and type in your zip code. Links to your individual CONGRESSMAN AND BOTH STATE SENATORS WILL AUTOMATICALLY APPEAR!  Simply click on each link, which automatically takes you to their contact information page…INCLUDING A LINK TO THEIR WEBSITES!   On their websites, most political officials provide a quick and easy way to email them directly!   Then just copy and paste the pre-written letter already provided when you CLICK HERE.  It only takes 5 MINUTES OR LESS!


2. Call and/or write PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!  We’ll show you how in 5 minutes or less!

Emailing President Trump is even faster than emailing your Congressperson!  First, CLICK HERE to get direct access to the White House email account.  Then CLICK HERE to copy and paste the same letter from above!  Get it done in 5 MINUTES OR LESS!

Feel like calling Mr. Trump instead?  The White House phone number is (202) 456-1111.  If you can’t get through, the alternate phone number is (202) 456-1414.  Depending on what you have to say, you can plead your case to repeal the FDA deeming regulations in 5 MINUTES OR LESS!


3.  Sign an online petition to REPEAL THE FDA DEEMING REGULATIONS!  We’ll show you how in 5 minutes or less!

All you have to do is CLICK HERE! Then type in your name!  You can even share the link with your Facebook friends with a click of the mouse!  5 Minutes or less?  Signing the petition will only take 5 SECONDS OR LESS!  It’s that easy!


Won’t you please help?  Help us SAVE VAPING by urging our political officials to REPEAL THE FDA DEEMING REGULATIONS! 

All it takes is 5 MINUTES OR LESS!

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