3 Ways newbies can benefit from temperature control vaping

When temperature control vape mods first arrived on the scene, many considered them to be a strange new fad specifically designed to trick unwitting vapers into spending their hard-earned cash. Today, the consensus is changing dramatically as even veteran vapers are now encouraging newbies to give TC vaping a try.   Here are three ways in which novice vapers can benefit from switching to a temperature control device while perhaps saving lots of money in the process.

1. Temperature control mods warn of empty tanks.

Switching from smoking to vaping has its challenges, one of which is to remember to keep the vape tank filled with e-liquid.  Depending on the device and the unique vaping habits of the individual vaper, the tank can go empty fairly quickly.  The result is usually an excruciating dry hit with an extremely acrid taste that brings tears to the newbie’s eyes.

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Most of today’s temp-controlled devices will automatically refuse to send power to the coil when the e-liquid levels reach a critical low point.  Many of the older models did not do a very good job at registering when such a change in resistance occurs, but most of the newer models released to market within the past 18-months perform extremely well.

Even with high-tech TC vape mods, it’s always a good idea for newbie vapers to get into the habit of monitoring their e-liquid levels.  Dry hits are bad enough, but replacing burnt coils and wicks – especially when using conventional variable wattage vapes - costs a whole lot of money over time.

2.  Temperature control mods help newbies avoid e-cig explosions.

Safety first is always a good motto to live by, and never more appropriate than when switching to vaping.  Many smokers are fearful of making the switch because they’ve read horror stories online about exploding vape pens.  Never fear.  Temperature control vaping is here.

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TC devices simply will not allow the user to crank up the wattage to dangerously high levels.  If the coil can’t take the heat, the TC device won’t send it.  It’s really that simple.  Temp-control vaping also ensures that the newbie never inhales toxic levels of carbonyls resulting from burnt wicking materials. 

3.  Temperature control mods extend battery, coil, and wick life.

TC mods have special batteries that last far longer compared to those of a variable wattage device.  The primary reason is that temperature control vape mods will only allow the e-liquids to get hot enough to vaporize.  The battery’s cumulative power supply is carefully regulated at all times, and the user has almost zero chance of accidentally wasting it.

Furthermore, since the TC device is so skillful at streamlining and regulating the battery’s power supply, newbies also gain the added benefits of improved coil and wick life.  With the less restrictive wattage controls of variable devices, coils and wicking materials are far more apt to burn up.  This means that the newbie either has to spend more money to replace them or perhaps be tempted to just head off to the local convenience store for a pack of smokes instead.  And who needs that? 

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