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Sen. Ron Johnson sends 2nd letter over FDA e-cig regulations; threatens ‘other means’

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is a member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and he is demanding answers over the recently announced FDA e-cig regulations.  His first letter to the Food and Drug Administration was ultimately ignored, so he has followed up with a second, more aggressive letter threatening to obtain the requested information by “other means,” if necessary.

The first letter was sent on May 17 and gave the FDA until May 31 at 5:00 p.m. EST to respond.  The second letter was sent on Jun 6, extending the deadline until June 20.  Some of the many questions asked of the FDA by Sen. Johnson include:

  • Did the FDA consider the economic ramifications to the vaping industry before releasing the new FDA e-cig regulations?
  • If so, how many businesses will be effected?
  • What data was used to classify e-cigs as an unsafe product for public health?
  • Has the FDA considered the possible “unintended consequences” on public of limited access to e-cigs and easier access to tobacco products?
  • Will the FDA e-cig regulations be revised should new information come to light regarding their safety?
  • Why is the PMTA approval process so expense? And what is the FDA doing about it?



In the second letter, Sen. Ron Johnson blasted the FDA for its lack of response to the May 17 request.  He closed the letter by stating,

“As chairman of the primary oversight Committee of the United States Senate, I urge the FDA to be transparent and accountable in its regulatory actions.  I ask that you please respond to my requests for information so that the Committee and the American public may fully understand that FDA’s rulemaking and its consequences for small business and the public’s health…. If the FDA does not provide an adequate response to these inquiries, the Committee may be forced to resort to other means to compel the production of this information.” 

Johnson’s attention to this matter is being viewed as a positive step in the right direction among many in the vaping industry.  In the latest letter to the FDA, Sen. Johnson mentions that he has “heard from many small-business owners who manufacture or sell e-cigarette products” and that both he and the vaping community have “grave concerns.”  Bu placing the full weight of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in his communications with the FDA, perhaps more detailed information will come to light in the very near future.

(Interested parties can read the first letter in its entirety by clicking here. The second letter can be found here.)


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  • We need more people in Public Offices to speak up! I know that many people have signed petitions, voiced their opinions and never get a response.
    I quit smoking and started vaping 2 years ago when I had an aneurysm clipped in my brain. My neurosurgeon was happy! He actually said I can count myself as an ex-smoker. My primary medical doctor is impressed with the decrease in my blood pressure, I now only take one medication for it. My asthma is greatly improved!! All thanks to vaping and NOT smoking.
    I am seriously surprised that there are not moer comments on this article.

    Tonia McLinn

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