Mitch Zeller and Jack Henningfield: The Big Pharma conspiracy behind the FDA e-cig regulations

Contrary to popular opinion, electronic cigarettes are not a new invention.  They have been around for decades, and Big Pharma was one of the very first industries to review e-cigs and vaping devices for their possible efficiencies and benefits regarding the ingestion of prescription medications.

Back in the 1990’s, drug companies like Pfizer and Bristol-Meyers Squibb discovered that e-cigs are not only cheap, but they also help the patient feel the effects of the drugs almost instantly. So why would Big Pharma be siding with the CDC over the newly announced FDA e-cig regulations?

The simple truth is that e-cigs are in direct competition with the current smoking cessation methods, namely Nicorette gum, manufactured by the pharmaceutical conglomerate GlaxoSmithKline, and “The Patch,” a Johnson & Johnson product.

Obamacare, Big Pharma, and the FDA e-cig regulations

It’s no big secret that prescription drug prices are consistently skyrocketing, even with the recently enacted Obamacare insurance program.  In fact, Obamacare would have never have become a reality if the pharmaceutical companies had not cut a deal with Democrats at the very last minute.  The original version of the bill included specific language that would have placed harsh government restrictions on prescription drug prices.   But this language was deleted in late 2009 to appease Big Pharma and get Obamacare passed at a time in history when its future looked particularly bleak.


Coincidentally, it was also in late 2009 that Obama signed into law the Tobacco Control Act.  It is this single piece of legislation that is the basis for the newly released FDA e-cig regulations.  Furthermore, Obama named a relatively unknown GlaxoSmithKline consultant to be placed in charge of a new branch of the FDA called the Center for Tobacco Products that would oversee the implementation of the Tobacco Control Act.  What was the consultant’s name? Mitch Zeller.

Mitch Zeller and Jack Henningfield

That’s right.  The head honcho who is driving all of this anti-vaping rhetoric behind the new FDA e-cig regulations is a former political lobbyist of Big Pharma.  Mitch Zeller is the person chiefly responsible for the FDA’s labeling of electronic cigarettes as “tobacco products,” even though e-cigs and vaping devices are 100% tobacco-free.  Zeller is also the person behind the FDA’s deceptive marketing strategy that has managed to convince millions of Americans that the largest, 20-year decline in teen smoking is somehow a bad thing. 


Then there is the even lessor known Jack Henningfield.  When the Tobacco Control Act of 2009 became law, Obama created yet another organization, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee, to review the safety of all oral tobacco products.  Henningfield was, and still is, one of the very first members selected for the new committee.  Incidentally, he also happens to co-own a patent on a new nicotine-enhanced chewing gum that will soon be on the market.  The other co-owner is John Pinney, founder of the Big Pharma consulting firm that previously employed Mitch Zeller before he was appointed to the FDA.

Is there a secret conspiracy to eradicate the entire vaping industry simply for the personal financial gain of a few Big Pharma Top Dogs?  By connecting the dots and following the chain of events that has led to the newly announced FDA e-cig regulations, it may not be a "secret" conspiracy for much longer. 


  • I don’t know why ANY of these CROOKS even attempt to do things like this because they ALWAYS get caught in the long run, and the WORST PART is the fire and brimstone they put all of US through, or put whoever they are robbing from, lying to or stealing from through! It’s nothing small, either! This is HUGE!! I guess some people just love the scent of money so much they can’t help themselves from doing it? They KNOW they are doing so much wrong, and what makes it that much WORSE is these people are STILL IN POWER, STILL IN THESE POSITIONS AND STILL HOLDING THESE DEEMING REGULATIONS AGAINST THE VAPING SOCIETY!!!
    These people need to be REMOVED from what they are doing and be held accountable for it and be punished for it!
    In a book I am reading a book right now, the author, Chris Cleave, wrote a sentence that has really stuck with me, and I feel it applies to us. (This is not word for word as I don’t have it here, but it’s still the same by definition) The character had to sit in front of his boss and wait for him, and he said the longer he was made to wait, the harder it was to like what he waiting for – this is how I feel! We don’t like it as it is right now, but how much LONGER do we have to wait before ALL of this REALLY hits the fan?!!! Will they EVER be held accountable for this? Or just get a slap on the arm? Come on!!! FOR STARTERS ALONE, THESE TWO MEN NEED TO STEP DOWN OUT OF THEIR OFFICES AND POSITIONS THEY HOLD FOR NOW! THEY NEED TO FACE THE MUSIC FOR PUNISHMENT! Just my opinion!!!

    Laurie Carlson
  • It is really an eye opener to those with an interest in this shameful FDA Deeming. I agree, that E-Cigarettes are in direct competition with Pharma profits, as you stated. I think there is something even more sinister, irksome and devastating. Pharma makes even bigger drug profits, when a large percentage of smokers smoke themselves to the two most costly diseases, COPD and Emphysema. The amount of money it costs to treat those two diseases are the profits for Pharma. It makes anyone with any sense of decency cringe to realize that money is to Pharma more important than human lives. Therefore it is without exaggeration a crime against humanity and it must be brought to justice!

    Lisa Belle
  • There is an infographic of the connections between these 3 likely suspects, also mentioning a policy paper two of them worked on. See it here: https://twitter.com/vaper_the/status/745110961615306752

    Andrew Thompson
  • Doesn’t sound like DEMOCRACY to me??

    Barbara Brown
  • Great article!!! Wow! This blog is really something. How did you tie all of those people together into one nice, neat, little package? Good job, but SCARY STUFF! I had no idea.

    Jane Wensinger

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