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New federal study debunks 911 scare tactics of FDA e-cig regulations

Many in the vaping industry are claiming that the FDA e-cig regulations are being marketed using 911 scare tactics to make false claims that e-cigs lead to teen smoking. And according to a recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the FDA’s claims are completely out of sync with current data.

The NIDA discovered that more than 60% of 15-18 year olds who vape use e-juices with zero nicotine while only 20% claim to use e-cigarettes containing nicotine.  Additionally, statistics show that for the first time in history, daily use of marijuana now exceeds daily tobacco smoking among high school seniors.  

As Americans continue to embrace legalized weed, many retailers in the vaping industry feel unfairly targeted by what is largely viewed as overly harsh FDA e-cig regulations.  The FDA’s very controversial approval process will cost in upwards of $1 million per product while essentially wiping out the entire vaping industry within two years.  But the marijuana industry seems to be booming and remains largely unregulated by the FDA and other federal agencies.

In the originally released documents, the FDA e-cig regulations also wanted to implement a federal ban on all sales and distribution of flavored e-juices.  The FDA has consistently claimed that flavorings like bubble gum or cotton candy are attracting millions of new teenagers to vaping.  By eradicating all flavored e-juices, the FDA would be crippling the vaping industry even further.  However, just last week, the White House deleted this language from the regulations, much to the chagrin of the FDA.


But the NIDA report makes the point that the FDA is not telling the American public the whole truth.  By not making clear that teens turning to vaping are not buying e-cigs infused with nicotine, the FDA is essentially acting irresponsibly by banning e-cigs rather than promoting them.

While weed and tobacco contain huge percentages of carcinogens, the “smoke” produced from e-cigs is essentially only water vapor.  Even for e-juices that contain nicotine, they are still 95% safer than weed or tobacco, and this data is supported by medical agencies around the world.  Meanwhile, there is also no evidence to support the FDA’s claim that vaping leads to smoking.  In fact, all evidence points to the contrary.

So why is the FDA using 911 scare tactics to gain support for the million-dollar e-cig regulations?  Many in the vaping community suspect, “It’s all about the money.”  Weed is too politically divisive to tax…at the moment…but e-cigs?  The FDA may be trying to seize an opportunity to make billions by taxing a fledgling industry before it becomes too politically powerful to control.


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  • The FDA may be trying to seize an opportunity to make billions by taxing a fledgling industry before it becomes too politically powerful to control. No. The FDA is trying to stifle any and all challenge to their Bread and Butter(Big Tobacco and Big Pharma). These Regs will cause the doom of 10,000+ businesses, and upwards of 150,000 jobs. And will push people back to or cause them to stay with Big ‘T’ or Big ‘Pigs’.The only one to benifit from these Regs are Corporations. Which the vaping industry is not. The fact that Mitch Zeller is formerly a lobbyist for firms like Pfizer, maker of the nightmare, homicide, and suicide inducing stop smoking pill, and the person he is replacing is under indictment on RICO charges, as she let harmful drugs be given the go ahead for public consumption to go through. As her husbands Pay increased 10 fold to over 100millon in that year. Do not trust these people, and fight them. They LIE. And Kill Mothers, Fathers, Sons, and Daughters for PROFIT.

    Let me ask them one question
    Is their money that good?
    Will it buy them forgiveness
    Do they think that it could?
    I think they will find
    When their death takes its toll
    All the money they made
    Will never buy back their soul.


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