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Sen. Schumer rides coattails of FDA e-cig regulations into the spotlight


There are some politicians that work for the true interests of their constituents, and then there are those that get into politics simply for the accolades and the money.  The recent actions of New York Senator Charles E. Schumer regarding the newly announced FDA e-cig regulations leave many questioning his motives. 

The FDA ‘s reasons for updating the tobacco deeming regulations to include all e-cigs and vaping products tend to focus on the issue of teen smoking.  Somehow, the FDA is trying to convince the American People that e-cigs are just as deadly as traditional tobacco cigarettes, even though vaping products contain absolutely no tobacco.  Unfortunately, it seems to be working. 

Sen. Schumer steps up.

Putting that issue aside for the moment, Sen. Schuler began hitting the media circuit within hours of the FDA’s announcement.  While Mitchell Zeller of the FDA was holding press conferences using scare tactics of imminent yet nonsensical future increases of teen addiction to water-based vaping products, Sen. Schumer was in New York City demonizing e-cigs in an entirely different manner.  Schumer was warning New Yorkers that within less than a week preceding the FDA announcement, four New Yorkers were victims of exploding e-cigs, including, strangely, two teenagers.



Is this true?  Are New Yorkers really that ill-informed that they can’t learn to use a vape pen or a Blu e-cigarette, even if their very lives depend on it? 


Four explosions in just one week?  And right before the FDA deeming regulations were announced?  How uncanny!  Remind me never to travel to The Big Apple for a vaping convention.  The entire city might just launch into outer space.

But that’s Sen. Schumer for you.  He loves the spotlight.  And he'll do anything to get it, even if he has to label New Yorkers as feeble-minded in the process.

Schumer is also a big fan of money.  Just hours ago, Schumer (along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo whose sister recently released a falsified anti-vaping video that was pulled from the Huffington Post for its inaccuracies) was holding yet another press conference, but this one was about the $170 million dollars that New York might lose for federally funded high-speed Internet expansion projects. 


Could Schumer be hitting the anti-vaping circuit for the same reasons?  Is it all about the money?

If the FDA does not ban vaping, and e-cigs continue to rise in popularity as they have for the past few years, tobacco cigarette sales will continue to plummet and states will stop receiving millions of dollars in tax revenues from tobacco cigarette manufacturers.  Furthermore, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in America is $4.96 at the time of this writing.  In New York?  It’s $12.85. 

Why such a big difference?  New York, and by extension Senator Charles E. Schumer, tax the hell out of tobacco products in that state…almost $8 per pack more.  That’s a lotta chedda, Yo!  But suddenly, Schumer’s weird attempts to ride the coattails of the FDA e-cig regulations into the national spotlight seem to make so much more sense.  It’s all about the money.

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