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FDA e-cig regulations: Using 911 scare tactics to kill Americans for profit

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By eradicating an entire industry that is 95% safer than the alternative, the FDA may be leading an entirely new generation of Americans into the death camps of Big Tobacco.

The newly released FDA e-cig regulations are harsh and sweeping, affecting nearly 100% of all vaping products ever invented.    Even though electronic cigarettes contain absolutely no tobacco, the Food and Drug Administration now officially recognizes e-cigs as tobacco products.  Why would a government agency intentionally lie to the American people?  According to many political insiders, it’s all about the money.

It’s happened before.  After the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center, then-President George Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney saw a limited window of opportunity to swoop into an oil-rich sovereignty to steal its money and resources in the name of “public safety.”  With the American people all hopped up on national pride after 911, Bush and Cheney knew that public opinion would favor a military war.  It worked, too.  Bush got his war, and he almost got his Iraqi money, too.  But much like the passing of the new FDA e-cig regulations, the President didn’t think it all the way through.


When a cigarette manufacturer wants to release a new brand of tobacco on the market, it has to go through a very extensive and costly Pre-Market Tobacco Applications process (PMTA).  Strangely, the new FDA e-cig regulations do not define the total costs, but estimates range from $300,000 into the millions per application.  And a PMTA now has to be submitted for every e-cig flavor and nicotine level on the market.  Since most e-cig retailers are local ”Mom and Pop Shops,” the PMTA will essentially destroy the entire vaping industry once the regulations go into effect in two years.

To the average, non-smoking American, this sounds terrific.  After all, e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes both produce an ugly cloud of white “smoke,” and Americans tend to be overly obsessed with being politically correct.  The trouble is that the average American is usually unaware that the “smoke” from e-cigs is actually non-toxic, second-hand water vapor and 95% safer than tobacco.  In other words, e-cigs save lives.


The FDA knows the difference, but they can’t sell the American people on more government regulations that will put billions of dollars in the government coffers if they make this information known.  They also cannot sell the regulations based on the real reason that most Americans want to get rid of e-cigs – that white “smoke” in any form is just downright unattractive.   Who cares that e-cigs can save millions of lives?  They are ugly, and they should be destroyed.   

Not so fast.

Through government-sanctioned, fear-mongering tactics, post-911 Americans bought into the political lies and deception which ultimately resulted in the deaths of thousands of young soldiers.  And it’s happening all over again with the FDA e-cig regulations. 

By eradicating an entire industry that is 95% safer than the alternative, the FDA is essentially leading an entire new generation of Americans into the death camps of Big Tobacco. And once again, the American people are sitting back and watching it happen.  

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