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Best Atomizer For Wax Dabs? AGO/Raw, Vhit, Glass Globe, Ego, Urghh!



A lot of people have been asking me what the best atomizer for wax is, so I decided to share a little insight based on my experience using various atomizers for wax concentrates.

The winner is....


Vhit Type-C

ago-vaporizer-125x125.jpgAGO Atomizer - The AGO atomizer is the same thing as the ATMOSraw atomizer you may already be familiar with. The AGO atomizer is a ceramic chambered atomizer with a bottom heating coil that was designed for vaping dry material but can be used for wax-like concentrates as well. The reason I like these atomizers for wax is because you can load more in these than other wax atomizers. The AGO atomizer is also a sturdy atomizer and won't fry our or break as easy as the other wax atomizers.

vpen-dab-stick-wax-oil-atomizer-125x125.jpgVhit Type-A Atomizer - The original Vhit atomizer is one of the first atomizers on the market designed for heavy wax and thick oils. The Vhit atomizer itself is combined inside a study metal housing (same as the EGO-W) with mouthpiece and cap. The Vhit is a durable atomizer but the thin coils can make it easier to fry out when using higher voltages. This Vhit V-Pen is the most popular dab pen on VAPES.COM and a favorite to many.


vhit-type-b-dab-atomizer1-125x125.jpgVhit Type-B - The next evolution in wax atomizers comes the Vhit Type-B design with glass tubing makes this atomizer easy to access reclaimed wax vapor. These Vhit atomizer kits come with three wax atomizers and dabber tool. The only thing is I find myself needing a replacement glass tube more than anything. This is an excellent atomizer for wax but the glass housing also has drawbacks because it's lack of durability, and if you are a klutz like me and tend to drop things, then best leave this one on a lanyard.


vhit-type-c-wax-atomizer1-125x125.jpgVhit Type-C - This is by far my favorite wax atomizer. Similar to the Vhit Type-B only slightly different design and offering a glass globe to reclaim all your vapor. The glass housing also makes it easy to gauge your vapage. Again this Vhit atomizer comes with a total of three atomizer coils and dab tool.


dripstick-wax-pens-dab-vape-125x125.jpgDripstick - These cute little things come in tons of awesome colors and tons of people like these. The reason I like these is because I don't like to draw a lot of attention to myself when I vape in public, while other people like to use their vape as a conversation piece, I however do not. I like to vape in discretion and the Dripstick gives me exactly just that. The only drawback is the smaller battery size and lack of options when it comes to batteries and voltage. Dripstick atomizers work with Dripstick batteries, that's it. I definitely use these on the go, or to match my outfit when I'm feeling vain, but when I am at home I prefer to use a larger variable voltage battery with the glass globe Vhit.


vapes-microg-3-125x125.jpgmicroG Pen - Basically same thing as the Dripstick except it says microG on the battery any only comes in black. The cool thing about microG or G-Pen is that you get a cool little keychain dabber tool. The microG Pen kit also comes with two glass bottles but I recomend using nonstick silicon containers.



*ALL of these atomizers work best for wax when used with a variable voltage battery simply because you can adjust the output.



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