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  • Save money when you buy three 10ml bottles of Juishy E-Juice!

    100% made in the USA hand-crafted E-Liquids by Juishy E-Juice to refill your electronic cigarettes and e-cig personal vaporizers.


    • Save Money!
    • Made in the USA!
    • Choose Three Flavors!
    $15.00 $11.95
  • To refill remove the bung plug mouthpiece and fill liquid into the side of the cartridge fabric. Do not fill liquid directly into the center tube. Wait 5-10 minutes before using after the first refill to allow distribution of the e-liquid and wicking of juice to prevent burning out the cart. Threading metal color may vary either chrome or gold.

    $4.99 $0.95
  • These disposable e-hookah pens will last 800 puffs or more! They come charged and already filled with juice flavoring. There is no need to buy anything else!

    • Nicotine-Free
    • Up to 800 Puffs!
    • Diamond LED Light-Up Tip
    • Available in 9 Delicious Flavors!
    $10.99 $7.95
  • The AIOS atomizer is made for the Chi-You mod and large threaded, it will not fit most vapes.

    $49.99 $10.00
  • These 510 anodized steel Bazooka Splash drip tips are compatible with most 510 atomizer tanks.

    $5.99 $3.95
  • Brand: JOMO
    5.00 out of 5
    $49.99 $39.95
  • Brand: BUD

    The BUD atomizer uses a clear cartomizer system with bottom feeding wick. Available in 5-Pack. (2-pack not available at this time)


    Each pack contains:

    • 5x cartomizers / atomizers
    • 5x fill plugs
    • 5x funnel tips
    • 5x sleek and comportable mouthpices

    Features include:

    • 510 threaded
    • 1.5 ml capacity
    • 2.5 ohm resistance
    2.50 out of 5
    $29.99 $24.95
  • The CE4 EGO Clearomizer is the most well-known atomizer for vaping and very popular for many first-time users. You fill the CE4 clearomizer tank with e-juice or e-liquids which are available with or without nicotine. Works with all EGO battery units and compatible with all standard vapes and batteries that are EGO threaded.

    CE4 Clearomizer/Atomizer Features:

    • Long wick
    • Solid design
    • No leaking
    • 1.6ml liquid capacity
    • Non rebuildable type
    • 2.5 ohm resistance

    *Mouthpiece drip tip color may vary

    4.50 out of 5
    $5.99 $3.95
  • Save money when you buy ten (10x) CE4 EGO Clearomizer Atomizers.

    $49.99 $29.95
  • Flat tip mouthpiece drip tips designed for more comfort than the default round tip design you might be used to.

    Compatible for CE4 and CE4 clearomizer atomizers ONLY.

    *Note: the orange is actually an orange-redish color.

    $1.99 $0.75
    • Assorted Colors
    • High Quality Design
    • Plastic Sheath
    • Available in: White, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green
    • NOTE Only for CE4/CE5 clearomizers
    $1.99 $0.75
    • Available in Acrylic
    • All colors are translucent
    • High Quality Design
    • Available in: Black, Clear, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Green
    • Compatible with your 510 device
    • O-Ring color may vary

    We also have Stainless and Monochrome 510 Drip Tips

    $2.99 $0.99
  • Grab yourself a replacement or backup vape battery. These long-lasting 1100mAh batteries should last almost twice a long as the smaller 650mAh batteries.

    What You Get:

    • 1100mAh battery with 5-click on/off button


    • Long lasting 1100mah battery with rubber feel grip.
    • 5-Click LED On/Off Button
    • 510 / EGO Threaded


    • 1000mAh =97mm
    $21.95 $12.95
  • These high-quality EGO 650mAh battery vape mods are durable, long-lasting and compatible with all standard 510 and EGO threaded atomizers and accessories.

    What You Get:

    • EGO 650mAh Battery


    • Soft matte coating with rubbery feel.
    • Click the button five (5) times to turn on/off.
    • LED light-up button with low battery indicator.
    • 510 and EGO Threaded
    • Depth: 14 mm
    • Height: 76.5 mm
    • Width: 14 mm
    • Weight: 27 g
    $14.99 $7.95
  • High quality and long-lasting EGO ecig/vape replacement battery. To turn on click the button 5+ times until the light flashes. Available in three sizes and mAh; 650, 900, and 1100.

    $19.99 $14.95
  • Long-lasting EGO 650mAh electronic cigarette and vape battery. To turn on click the button 5+ times until the light flashes.

    $19.95 $16.95
  • Long-lasting EGO 650mAh electronic-cigarette and personal vape replacement battery. To turn on click the button 5+ times until the light flashes.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Brand: Seego

    Replacement EGO 900mAh vape battery.

    $0.00$19.99 $14.00
  • Brand: VAPES

    Small EGO zipper carrying case, perfect for carrying your small mod or vape pen gear and accessories.

    $12.99 $4.95
  • The EGO unit with CE4 1.6ml clearomizer is a popular unit for e-juice and e-liquids. These batteries are awesome and will last you all day or maybe even all week depending on how much you vape, but most people need to recharge every other day.

    $57.95$61.95 $49.95$54.95
  • This is the most popular starter kit we have available. Never before has it been so cheap to get into vaping!. Grab some e-liquid and you’ll be good to go for under $20! The EGO CE4 starter kit comes in a TON of colors and comes with a rechargeable battery, refillable tank and USB charger. This setup is cheaper than cigarettes and doesn’t rely on pre-filled juice cartridges with limited flavors like other smaller e-cigs. Includes everything you need to start vaping, just add e-liquid and we have 150+ flavors!

    4.00 out of 5
    $19.99 $9.99
  • Several times a day I would leave my vaporizer in another room, on the kitchen counter, in my car, in my bedroom, or somewhere else and every time I would have to run around the house to find it. Not only that but I often lose VAPES when I go out.

    Well this handy lanyard solves that problem because now my vape is always close by when I need it.

    Sure I admit this thing can look goofy, but I am a proud vaporizer so I do not mind wearing this outside the house, this really helps me not lose things.

    But just wearing the lanyard while at home has saved me at least 5 minutes a day that I would otherwise spend searching for it.

    Protect your vape and keep it close, get a lanyard. They’re cheaper than a new vape!

    5.00 out of 5
    $4.99 $0.99
  • What You Get:

    • 1x eGo USB Charging Cable
    • 1x Wall Charging Power Adapter
    $16.95 $9.95
  • 1x USB Wall Power Charging Adapter Compatible with most vape pens.

    *must be connect to a have USB charger or either a USB cable if using a EGO USB passthrough unit.

    $5.99 $2.95
  • The EVOD Gradient battery is a gorgeous replacement battery for your vape pen atomizer attachments. This is an amazing deal for such a stylish piece of kit. The EVOD Gradient is available in 7 colors and can be used with any standard clearomizer. This is a great piece for users looking for some custom flair or something that won’t be mistaken for a coworker’s device. Buy one in your favorite color or get them all to mix and match with your outfits! The Gradient operates at a standard fixed 3.7 volts. This is a simple battery with no settings to adjust; just charge, attach an atomizer, and vape on. The EVOD Gradient battery is an affordable and stylish replacement battery for all your EGO and 510 threaded vape pen atomizer attachments!

    $12.99 $8.95
  • The Fuhattan is a mechanical mod (shiny metal tube) by AmeraClone.

    $49.99 $27.00
  • Brand: GV

    An affordable glass globe bubble atomizer for heavy wax and thick oils. Available in two different atomizer coil options. Compatible with all EGO style of batteries including trippystick ect…

    5.00 out of 5
    $19.99 $4.99
  • Brand: Innokin

    Replacement dual coils for iClear16 clearomizers by Innokin.

    $19.99 $12.95
  • Brand: Innokin

    Get huge vapor hits with this dual coil atomizer with eight wicks giving you double the coil and vaping power. The iClear 30 has a 3ml tank to fill with enough liquid to last you all day and even longer. The iClear clearomizer also features a rotatable swivel mouthpiece making this atomizer easier to use on any vape battery, mod or setup. Add an extra atomizer coil head to replace when your old atomizer burns out or when you need a fresh vape without the taste of old juices from prior refills.

    Main Benefits:

    • Easy to vape at any angle with rotatable swivel mouthpiece.
    • Replaceable atomizer coil head.
    • Get more vapor with double heating power dual coils!

    If you want huge vapor hits then this is by far one of the best atomizer we have in stock.


    • 360° Swivel Mouthpiece
    • Huge 3ml liquid capacity tank
    • Dual Coil Atomizer
    • 2.1 ohm Resistance
    • 16x Wicks Total
    • 510 Threaded

    This is an authentic Innokin product and includes a scratch off serial number which can be validated on the Innokin website.

    $15.99 $10.95
  • Brand: Innokin

    Grab a replacement coil head wick for your iClear 30 atomizer.

    $17.99 $12.95
  • Brand: Innokin

    Get huge vapor hits with this dual coil clearomizer! Uses the same technology as the original iClear30 dual coil clearomizer. The tank is made from special PC fire-proof material so that it will not crack when used with special juices that would normally crack other clearomizers such as the CE4.

    $19.99 $14.95
  • Brand: Innokin

    Grab a replacement coil head wick for your iClear 30S atomizer.


    • Dual coil
    • 16x wicks
    • Available in 1.5 (for ego vapes) or 2.1 ohm (for variable voltage) resistance

    For the iClear 30S only. We also have replacements for iClear 30.

    $19.99 $14.95
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