Featured Gear
  • The iStick TC40W is a temperature controlled mod that can bring you a unique vaping experience by allowing you to adjust the temperature setting to your preference. Don’t let the size fool you, this mod packs a whopping 40W and long-lasting 2600mah battery.

    $99.99 $84.95
  • Brand: Vision

    The iBox carries a long-lasting built-in 1500mAh battery which will last all day or longer at standard resistances, even with heavy use. It fires down to 0.5ohms for you sub-ohm fans. The standard 510 connection is compatible with most tanks available. Ego threaded tanks will require an EGO 510 adapter. This is an awesome, accessible box mod at a nice price for its feature-set. If you’re tired of the same old box designs or need something with large controls, pick one of these up today!

    $59.99 $55.65
  • Brand: Wotofo

    The Freakshow Tiny is the latest entry in the world of Temperature-Controlled box mods. This is Wotofo’s first digital APV mod and clocks in with 60 watts of power, with support for Ni200, Titanium, and Platinum coils. This is a very compact box perfect for busy vapers. It uses a single 18650 battery which is sold separately, and features a spring-loaded brass 510 pin for maximum compatibility with a wide range of TC-ready atomizers.

    $129.99 $99.99
  • Brand: GreenSound
    $59.99 $49.95
  • Brand: Seego

    The G-hit PE vape pen by SEEGO is designed to be used for thick oils and e-liquids. This simple and easy to use vape pen is popular with alternative medicine, medicating oils and thick oils such as those provided by Eureka and Pure Gold.  The end tip is also a stylus that can be used on your favorite touch screen tablet or phone.

    $24.99 $19.95
  • Brand: Kanger
    $89.99 $79.95
  • Brand: Innokin

    The Cool Fire IV by Innokin Technology is an intelligent, compact box mod with a built-in battery. This Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage device features a slick, streamlined visual design and comes in 4{{????}} colors so you can choose your favorite or collect them all. This is a great mod for both beginners and advanced users. Fires down to 0.2ohms and up to 40 watts. As usual with Innokin devices, this box is built like a truck and is the preferred mod of construction workers in need of a vape that can take a beating throughout a hard day’s work.

    $49.99 $45.95
  • Brand: JOMO
    5.00 out of 5
    $49.99 $39.95
  • Brand: Airistech

    The Airistech VIVA is a portable vaporizer for dry herb and flower featuring an advanced OLED, digital temperature settings and has a pretty large bowl chamber for a portable vaporizer.

    $129.99 $99.99
  • Brand: Vita Vape

    Just in time for the holiday season! Step into these warm, inviting vapor plumes and find your new comfort zone. Brimming with familiar tastes and memories, Pumpkin Pie by Vita Vape will make you feel right at home. Add this one to your family today! I can smell it just writing about it.

  • The X6 vape battery mod is a variable voltage device with three different volt settings. The tank holds 2.4ml of liquid,  is refillable and compatible with replacement CE5 and Vivi Nova atomizer coil heads.

    $39.99 $29.95
  • Brand: Mr. Waxpen

    Mr. Waxpen is a top-shelf vape pen for wax concentrates, thick oils. You can also use Mr. Waxpen for dry herb and flower however there will not be 100% pure vapor production with herbal materials because well….. it’s Mr. Waxpen not Mr. Herbpen, however some folks still enjoy using this vape pen for herbal blends as well as waxy concentrates and extracts.

  • Brand: Innokin

    The Innokin iTaste MVP20W: 20 Watts of Intelligent Vaping Power in the legendary 100% Stainless Steel body of the Innokin iTaste MVP!

    $79.99 $54.95
  • Brand: Airistech

    The brand new and very popular E-Paradise 3-in-1 Vape Pen kit by Airistech includes everything you need to vape dry herbs, wax, oils, and liquids.

    $79.99 $59.95
  • The Fantasia Diamond E-Hookah is a nicotine-free portable hand-held electronic hookah stick. If you enjoy the taste of hookah tobacco, now you can enjoy it virtually anywhere, anytime, and without the mess and trouble using hot coals.


    • 4 Play – A popular and wonderfully sweet watermelon candy flavor. Some say it tastes like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.
    • Adios Mofo – Smooth and delicious orange flavor quenching vapors or delight.
    • Dirty Blonde – Shake up your night with a luscious blend of pineapple and banana vapor.
    • Ice Mint – How about a nice cool cloud of icy mint flavored vapor.
    • Joker – A psychotic mix of sweet guava flavor with hints of strawberry, pomegranate and green apple.
    • Magic Dragon – A delightful mix of sweet blueberry and cool mint with just a hint of cherry to round things out.
    • Peach Fuzzy Navel – A big, bold peach flavor with a bit of a tropical twist. THE go to flavors for Peach lovers.
    • Purple Haze – Big bold Grape candy flavor with subtle chocolate undertones. Some say it’s tastes like Grape Tootsie Roll.
    • Surfer – A tropical mixed Pina Colada drink with a sweet pineapple base and hints of coconut and tropical fruits.
    • Washington Apple – A fresh and juicy, smooth flavor to satisfy the palate of apple aficionados.
    $15.99 $10.95
  • This is the most popular starter kit we have available. Never before has it been so cheap to get into vaping!. Grab some e-liquid and you’ll be good to go for under $20! The EGO CE4 starter kit comes in a TON of colors and comes with a rechargeable battery, refillable tank and USB charger. This setup is cheaper than cigarettes and doesn’t rely on pre-filled juice cartridges with limited flavors like other smaller e-cigs. Includes everything you need to start vaping, just add e-liquid and we have 150+ flavors!

    4.00 out of 5
    $19.99 $9.99
New Stuff
  • Brand: Athena

    The 15W BOX Mod by Athena is an ultra light weight mini vape mod with built-in battery with variable voltage, variable wattage and subohm capabilities. Perfect for anyone looking for power but not necessarily the weight. Leave your heavy box mods at home and grab yourself one of these for on the go.

    $48.00 $44.95
  • $29.99 $24.95
  • Brand: Vision

    The Vapros iBox Mini by Vision is a 30 watt mod with variable watt and variable voltage functions. With sub-ohm capabilities you can fire 0.3ohm-3ohm resistance atomizer coil builds. This tiny mod packs a whopping 2000mah battery to give you extended vaping time without the bulk and weight.

  • The newest creation from the labs of Mad Hatter Juice comes I LOVE Donuts! The deliciously fun taste of fresh blueberries with sugary glazed cake donuts, just like the best blueberry donut you ever had without the calories!! This is a true All Day Vape you’ll never want to put down; certain to appeal to all vapors from the first time tasters to the wake n’ vape cloud chasing professionals. Vaped Fresh Daily!

  • Brand: Joyetech

    Joyetech’s eVic-VTC Mini is cute high-power 60 watt variable temperature control mod. The eVic VTC Mini is much smaller than the full-size eVic VT mod and without the built-in battery cell. The eVic VTC Mini is compatible with 18650 size batteries and features an integrated magnetic battery cover and upgradable firmware. This temp control mod kit comes with an eGo One Mega atomizer tank making it a perfect match for those looking to fine tune their favorite flavor profiles and vapor output.

    5.00 out of 5
    $89.99 $74.95
  • The popular EVOD style vape pen with MT3 atomizer makes a great starter kit for beginners or backup vape for on the go. The MT3 tank is more Eco-friendly than it’s predecessors because it uses removable coils and comes with a pre-installed coil. Replacement atomizer coils heads are available so you don’t need to replace the entire tank top piece when your coil burns out. Coils last 3-10 days for most regular users depending on how often you vape.

    $19.99 $12.50
  • The EVOD Gradient battery is a gorgeous replacement battery for your vape pen atomizer attachments. This is an amazing deal for such a stylish piece of kit. The EVOD Gradient is available in 7 colors and can be used with any standard clearomizer. This is a great piece for users looking for some custom flair or something that won’t be mistaken for a coworker’s device. Buy one in your favorite color or get them all to mix and match with your outfits! The Gradient operates at a standard fixed 3.7 volts. This is a simple battery with no settings to adjust; just charge, attach an atomizer, and vape on. The EVOD Gradient battery is an affordable and stylish replacement battery for all your EGO and 510 threaded vape pen atomizer attachments!

    $12.99 $8.95
  • Brand: Athena

    This tiny box mod makes a perfect stealth vape. It features an economized, recessed 510 connection so that your tank is mounted into the device rather than on top of it. This box is compatible with most tanks 18.5mm width or less. The 510 connection is spring-loaded to optimize compatibility with different tanks. It includes a 510 Ego adapter for use with any Ego-threaded tanks.

    $99.99 $89.95
  • Brand: GreenSound

    The H2 (GS-HS) is overall better and cost less than the popular CE4 clearomizer. These tanks refill from the bottom, do not leak and you can replace the coil making the GS-H2 a more environmentally friendly product.

    $19.99 $7.00
  • The GS TC Tank works great with any Temperature Controlled mods such as the iStick TC 40w.

    $24.99 $22.95
  • The iStick TC40W is a temperature controlled mod that can bring you a unique vaping experience by allowing you to adjust the temperature setting to your preference. Don’t let the size fool you, this mod packs a whopping 40W and long-lasting 2600mah battery.

    $99.99 $84.95
  • Brand: Kanger

    These stylish silicone sleeves for the Kanger SUBOX Mini fit snugly around your device, protecting it from nicks, scratches, and drops. This will also prevent the battery door from being misplaced. These sleeves come in 11 different colors, and are perfect for those looking to change the look of their vape or just keep it in pristine condition. Get one in your favorite color or collect them all!

    $4.99 $3.65
  • New from the flavor labs at Juishy, this mouthwatering blend of blueberry cotton candy and bubble gum is just bursting with flavor–it won’t leave you sore but will leave you wanting more.

  • S3 (Sam’s Special Sauce) by Juishy is a explosion of sweet and sour citrus flavor, softened with fluffy blueberry cotton candy clouds. A mouthwatering combination perfect for any occasion.

    1.00 out of 5
  • Grananana E-Liquid by Juishy E-Juice is a funky hybrid, coming on strong with an explosion of smooth banana flavor, chased with a splash of grape, so it has a nice fruity bite to it.

  • Bajaberry from Juishy features a lush blueberry foundation layered over with a citrus twist. The lemon-lime combination lends a crisp bite to this mouthwatering blueberry e-juice.



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